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the green M&M's.... even though they all taste the same

rental skates.... only the socks were remembered

mason jars..... thin glasses break easily

smile.....even if your face feels fake

the red beta..... an aquatic firecracker

this fat quarter..... for that new crazy quilt idea

painted geisha hightops..... well, because

mow tomorrow.....the dandelions are hunting the clover

trail along the woods.....poison ivy still on guard

a silver streak.....so the grey won't be a surprise

this book......the author chose a nice jacket

roast beef.....on sale

silence....words can boomerang too

to wait on the porch.....stormy skies clear, eventually

Every line is interesting.

A great concept.

Get Quilting and Make Money

If you love to sew, and quilt, then why not incorporate them into a business?

I find a great angle for a business like this, is to offer to finish other peoples quilts. I know you may prefer to make them from scratch and show them off at craft shows, but what happens is, many people will walk by your quilt, admire it, then say “Oh I have one I am trying to finish at home”

They feel too guilty to buy your quilt, because they have one they started years ago, and due to time, kids, stress and life, they just have not got it done, and it sits in a corner somewhere collecting dust.

Since quilting is your passion, then why not offer to finish off these quilts for a price?

Or, offer to start one from scratch with their fabrics and colors.

Another great quilt people like, since they are fairly quick, are the rag quilts. You could offer to create a rag quilt for your customer, using their fabrics, or fabric squares you have, and make a rag quilt in a weekend.

A rag quilt is much faster to make, there is not the fancy stitching afterwards, and these rag quilts actually get better the more times they are washed, so they make for a very useful quilt.

If you just want to make your own rag quilt, then there are many books on the subject, and you can purchase many fat quarters, or quilt squares online now. This is a great way to get some unique fabrics, as you are looking worldwide while on the internet.

Get quilting, and make some money.
how to make a rag quilt

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learn how to make a rag quilt and also find some great unique fabrics online now. Article and website by Diane Palmer


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