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I ate yesterday or how many calories, too?

Start a diet, but I know nothing about diet. Is it a day to be acceptable on a diet? In addition, we rocommend all websites without dieting help ... I like to help count calories and stuff? Thank you. Breakfast: Strawberry Yoplait Light yogurt (6 ounces) 1 cup orange juice banana Lunch: Sun dried tomatoes Wrap a small amount of pizza sauce quarter cup skim mozzarella Hormel turkey pepperoni (about 7 of them) cup of spinach with a spoon tablespoon Dijon vinaigrette vingerette Dinner: 3 oz Arm Chuck Roast w / 2 teaspoon sauce soup (with cream of mushroom and onion) a cup of cooked carrots and celery and half a red potato side Medimed added all the nutrition labeling and released about 1,000 calories, 131 grams carbohydrates, 18 grams of fat and 68 grams of protein

Do not listen to the person who said the dinner was too heavy. Not so. 3 ounces of meat is a service and sauce were only about 150 calories, you might even eat more of what you eat light the rest of the day. Half a medium potato, not too much. In addition, not hear the person who said to eat turkey sausage, because it is rich in fat ... because it is not! Orange juice add sugar, one cup, but not bad and =. fruit While the actual fruit is healthier than orange juice was very good. Mayo and butter are not very different from the sauce (sorry is for the person Weight Watchers that says do not eat the sauce), he is fat, but the needs of your body fat, so it's okay to eat while watching your sodium. You can eat these things in moderation, as the plaintiff has obviously. The applicant for the issue, said it had 18 grams of fat that really could have used more fat than what they got. His protein intake was good! In fact, you can use about 200 calories or more than that, and about 15 grams of fat. You have much, if added 2 100 calorie snacks inbetween meals will be on the right track. I guess not to mention drinking water because other drinks? If you drink other things than water do not forget add your calories. Good luck, a lot:)

The coal price Newcastle may extend gains in reducing taxes

price of thermal coal port of Newcastle in Australia have increased for the second week and may extend gains on concern that plans to reduce assessments of goods in the fourth quarter may worsen shortage. Coal for immediate delivery in the international port of export for fuel in New South Wales rose 47 cents, or 0.7 percent, to $ 67.42 per metric ton for the week ended Sept. 21, according to the Index newc globalCOAL. Australian producers using Newcastle quotas were reduced at the expense of the fourth quarter to reduce ferry lines, an official of the terminal, "he said. `` If there are further reductions would not have this market into account,''said Gavin Wendt, senior analyst with Fat Prophets resources in Sydney. `` There is only one way that Coal prices could go up and it is.''

inadequate rail and port are the prevention of Rio Tinto Plc, BHP Billiton and Xstrata Plc meet the growing demand for coal in Australia. Nearly 90 per cent of coal passing through Newcastle last year was thermal coal produced in the Hunter Valley. Mining companies have agreed in February to reinstate the quota system to help reduce waiting times for vessels and reduce subsistence costs.

Companies will be invited to make voluntary cuts, failing which the reductions will be taxed according their current assignment, Graham Davidson, General Manager of Port Waratah Coal Services Ltd., said by phone today. He refused give details. `` The cuts will be at a bad time for the Asia Pacific market, since many consumers are ready to return to action for the winter season,''said Gerard Burg, energy economist and minerals to the National Australia Bank Ltd. `` It is a difficult time and will impact on market sentiment and eventually consumers are going forward in order to guarantee supply.''

The number of ships waiting to load coal at Newcastle fell to 44 from this morning, from 50 a week ago, Newcastle Port Corp. said on its website. The coal companies waiting an average of 18.6 days to load, against 11 hours for general cargo.

A total of 1.52 million coal were shipped in the week ended today, down from 1.54 million tonnes the previous week, the Newcastle Port Said. Seventeen boats left the port with the coal in the week ended September 22 against 21 a week earlier, the port said in a separate statement. Twelve went Japan, two in Taiwan and Korea, and India.Japan and South Korea boost purchases from other suppliers cut off supplies after China become a net importer for the first time.

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