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I need a good poem for a fathers day card? HELP?

I need to make my dad a fathers day card and I was looking for a quote to put on it...
my dad is funny and great
any ideas?
Thanks 🙂
by the way i sorta forgot about today because i have been away all week...so maybe make it a little humorous..

like if your dad was a soldier (and he died) than i would say: i love you dad i wish i could fly have a good fathers day up in the sky. but he isnt so...
Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad. thats my favorite it was in a card i gave to my dad a couple years ago

Right Brain Kids Art - 7 Interesting Gratitude Crafts for Father Day Special


My daughter was asking me about present for Father Day. I was cracking my head to help my daughter to create some special gift while at the same time she can practise her crafting skills and her right brain creativity. Here I share the seven interesting gratitude crafts for Father Day celebration.

#1 Egg puppet

Prepare a few egg shell, colorful cotton, ice cream sticks, felt, PVA adhesive for felt, magic color or makers. First step is create the puppet hair by pasting the cotton on the top of egg shell. Cut the felt into different clothing shapes such as shirt,long pants and shoes. Then glue all the felt together to create the body. Secure the egg shell on the ice cream stick with paper tape, and glue the felt body on the ice cream stick. Last on the egg shell, draw the puppet eye, nose and mouth with a smiling expression using marker.

#2 3D scrapbooking Father portrait

Prepare a few candid photos of dad, acrylic color, some sea shell, A5 size mini canvas and PVA adhesive. Color the mini canvas with acrylic, while letting it dry, sort out the sea shell that was collected from the beach. Once the canvas is dried, paste dad candid photo on the canvas, add different shapes of sea shell on it as natural designed embellishment. Then a father portrait scrapbooking is done!

#3 Father Day greeting card

Prepare a few colorful construction paper, marker, color pencil, clay and crayons. Ask your child based on his or her memories to draw daddy face on the construction paper. They can imagine daddy is eating favourite food or drink, reading newspaper etc. Ask your child to create daddy favourite food or fruits using clay, and paste them on the construction paper that drew with daddy face. Last steps is add some write on the drawing such as dad enjoy apple, or dad love reading newspaper, happy father day etc.

#4 Draw dad from memories

Prepare a A3 size drawing block, ask your child to draw daddy from his or her memories with the feeling of feeling gratitude to daddy. I believe this will be the most grateful drawing and gift to dad.

#5 Collage of Dad

Prepare a wooden based of A4 size, acrylic and some of daddy little personal collection such as air tickets, movie tickets, bus tickets, train tickets etc. Use acrylic to color the wooden based, paste the ticket collections on the wooden based. You can ask your child to help for pasting, does matter the tickets are paste in uneven shapes or style, the important thing is your child love and enjoy pasting it. Always encourage your child to make the decision on pasting. Finally do a photocopy of dad photo, and paste it at corner to create a unique collage design, write some text such as.

#6 Make a kite for dad

Hand made kite with daddy is another fun crafting activity for father day. Prepare rice paper, PVA adhesive, coconut leaf sticks, and poster color. First, find a suitable kite template from internet, print it and cut out the shapes on the rice paper. Then using PVA adhesive to glue coconut leaf sticks as the kite back bone. Let it dry for an hour. Lastly paint some abstract pattern on the kite with poster color, let it dry half an hour and your kite is ready to fly.

#7 3D Sculpture using paper clay

3D sculpture crafting is great for children imagination and creativity thinking training. Ask your child to source for the 3D sculpture material with daddy at the playground or park that near your neighbourhood. With the collections and paper clay, create a 3D sculpture of little dream house of daddy.

The most important awareness for our children while doing above crafts is the gratitude and love feeling towards dad. Hope you can create anyone of them for father day!

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