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I am against wearing fur. What about faux fur? Not wear fake because the whole look/idea should be avoided?

I think the fake fur is a great idea. It is a wonderful thing, that these days nice warm clothing is available, when in the past animals had to be killed for their fur.

Be The Greatest Friend A Bride Can Have

Weddings could be the happiest moment in some people's lives. However, when you ask those who have gone through theirs, they'll never fail to mention of how strenuous the preparation was. Planning for the perfect wedding could take months and this will surely need careful and active participation from those closest to the bride. You can do your part by contributing some ideas to the wedding.

Weddings in the fall

Having a wedding in fall is a very warm and romantic idea. Imagine the fall foliage and the cooler weather...it's perfect. A vineyard, an old barn and an apple orchard are popular venues to hold a fall wedding. Play with the colors of brown, yellow, orange and red to breathe life to the place. Ornate the venue with season flowers like daisies, mums, tallow berries, fall leaves, yarrow and roses. Use fake but real-looking pumpkins, acorns, cornucopias and gourds for added decorations. If an evening wedding is your thing, have soup in an emptied pumpkin for starters. Serve roasted turkey for dinner and baked apple for dessert. Give away bottles of maple syrup or maple leaf coaster sets as wedding favors.

Winter Wedding Ideas

Instead of wearing the traditional white gown, go for something that has a subtle shade like icy-blue or blush pink. Winter brides are not compelled to wear coveralls to avoid shivering in the cold. They can still wear stylish strapless gowns and add faux fur for protection or three-quarter sleeved-gowns. Highlight the wedding themes by using crystal accents and winter blooms like amaryllis, calla lilies, red roses, tulips and orchids. For the main entrees, offer filet mignon, lemon-baked fish and lamb chops. Have a candy bar where guests can get white Hershey's Kisses or yogurt-covered pretzels for dessert. Snowflake gel candles and snowman crystal coasters are perfect winter wedding favors to hand over to the guests.

Spring Wedding Ideas

Spring signifies new life. A wedding in spring is symbolic to this season's representation. The bride and groom enter into a communion and thus begin a new life together. To have lively colors like pink and green are fantastic. they not only symbolizes the colors of spring itself, they are fun and refreshing colors that will help brighten up the ceremony. Natural spring flowers can be used for décor and they are hyacinth, tulips, calla lilies, roses and Gerber daisies. For starters, the guests can be served with carrot or ginger soup. Rockfish, salmon braid, sweet potato timbale and asparagus spears are all favorite spring dishes. The wedding favors can be almost anything provide that it is decorated with sunflowers.

Summer Wedding Ideas

Enjoy the beauty of the beach or an abundant garden by having an outdoor wedding in summer. Take advantage of the sunset to make the event more romantic. With the kind of weather during this season, brides can flaunt their nice skin with sleeveless dress, collarbone-baring dress. Accentuate the venue with lively flowers such as yellow and red calla lilies, sunflowers, Gerber daisies, zinnias, mums, dahlias, mums, and roses. Dish out seafood such as oysters and lobsters, glazed pork loin and potato salad. For souvenirs, you can have flip flop key chains, silver-plated dolphin place cardholders or beach-inspired picture frames.

Asian cultures are mysterious and exotic to the westerners. That is why having Asian inspired wedding themes will certainly be a refreshing new idea. You can help your friend out with the paraphernalia by looking them up in Asian guest books or even go online to search for them.

The details are confirm. there is one more thing to do just before the wedding. That's right, the bridal shower! The most thoughtful gift you can give your friend is not an expensive gift that will probably end up not used on the shelf. You can give her a female emergency kit. They are sure as useful because they come with a complete item like soap, lotion, breath freshener, nail clipper and even tampons. These can be a big help if she goes away on a honeymoon. You can even let her pick up any gift she wants by giving her a Bloomingdale's or Debenham's gift certificate. This adds more fun to her pre wedding shopping spree.

Ten Years Forward

The wedding you helped to plan ten years ago was very successful. In the event that you see your friend again asking for your suggestions on what to give her husband on their 10th year anniversary, you can give her a rundown of the 10th year wedding anniversary gifts available. The traditional gift is using aluminum. Suggest giving a watch, wine bottle tote or sweetener holder all made of aluminum.

Guests only come and go as soon as the wedding reception is over. However, you as the helpful girlfriend will stay and endure all the complicated matters along with your best friend before, during and after the memorable event in her life. You will be there for her and show her your support by lending a hand when needed.

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