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How long does it take the orchid flowers coming out?

As you know this is the wonderful creature of nature. but when the branch without flower is seems to me so sad. so please answer me which sort of orchid could be stay longer? , do I need to cut when all the flowers felt down?

I am not certain exactly what you are asking. Is your plant just producing leaves, but no flowers, or is it producing flower "spikes", but they are drying up? If it is growing and just not producing "spikes" (long stems with little buds on the ends, or sheaths which are flat, longer and don't turn into leaves) then it might be your conditions. In this case it might need different lighting, or a temperature drop at night. If it is producing spikes or sheaths, but they are falling off or drying up, then you may need to repot. In that case see my answer under, "How do I make my orchid bloom again?" Your plant may need repotting due to bad potting medium or dead roots in the pot. If the plant is blooming, the blooms usually last a few weeks. If they are not, then it probably needs repotting, also. Don't overwater your plant. Let it dry out a little bit (not like a cactus, of course) and then water again. Orchids also like a little surface misting sometimes, with a water bottle on the leaves and on the surface of the bark. Another thing to remember is that if your plant has never bloomed before this, sometimes they are not mature enough to bloom. The plants need to be a certain age or size to bloom. If, however, it has already bloomed then it can bloom every six months to one time per year, depending upon the variety. The good thing is that the blooms will last a few weeks, which makes it more worth the wait. Good luck, and get a book about orchids which will help you greatly. But, do check the potting medium if you think there may be a problem.


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