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What is the best polymer clay in your own experience for making non brittle pendants?

I have tried sculpey II (too brittle) and Fimo (goes soft after long periods of storage). I am looking to make lasting pieces of jewellery.

Sculpey, SuperSculpey and Sculpey III are the most brittle polymer clay brands/lines after baking any place they're thin or projecting (whole round balls, etc., will be inherently strong shapes).

The strongest brands/lines of polymer clay these days are Kato Polyclay (Hobby Lobby and online), Premo**, FimoClassic, Cernit, SuperSculpey-Firm (only in gray), and FimoSoft to a lesser degree.

(I have no idea what happened to your Fimo since no polymer clay should ever get softer over time... they only get stiffer --because they've cooled after being handled, ot they age naturally a bit which is called "advancing," or they partially cure from too high a heat or too much UV light. Polymer clays can begin to "dissolve" though if they're in contact with anything containing a petroleum-based solvent --which can begin to happen even up to 6 months later. A few plastic wraps will do that, and many stiff plastics will too. I've been involved with polymer clay in a big way for over ten years and haven't heard of it softening with age, so I'd be really curious about what happened!)

You can read a lot of details about all the brands and lines of polymer clay at my online polymer clay "encyclopedia" if you're interested:
(in addition to any particular brand or line, you might also want to read the category called "Strength --Ridigity & Flexibility")
P.S. Oops, I forgot there's still a problem with that particular page at my website when viewed with Firefox (3 at least)! The info is all there, but hard to read because of a margin problem we're still trying to figure out.

P.P.S. If you're interested in making jewelry in particular, here are some of the other pages at the site that deal with that topic (and there's no problem with their formatting, even with Firefox):

Oh, and to make sure you're baking correctly (because incomplete curing can make any polymer clay breakable), check out this page on Baking the clay:

**Premo had problems with their latest reformulation (making it way too sticky), but it's been corrected now... some may still be on the shelves though.


Diane B.

You must be fashionable? Silver Jewelry is the answer

Thereâ € ™ sa new fashion that has circulated in the city as a wildfire, itâ € ™ s silver jewelry called Thea.

land is the land of the polymer mode where you can make almost any what. One of the things you can do with money is the ring jewelry. Dirt polymer can be used to make a nice slice of necklaces. Money is so painless that you can even use your own boat. It could also be used for all types of art objects reconstructed as wooden boxes, frames, mirrors, beads, pendants, brooches, jewelry, bracelets, stem pieces, rings, buttons, desk accessories, small sculptures, and even. was mainly a habit never ends, that is why many people are so fascinated by it. It is a model of academic performance is not toxic, man and can function as a land of sandstone. Itâ € ™ s for children and adults used.
However, what may surprise you that the dirt is a polymer? Â money are water-based or even a kind of clay used by potters usually is quiet an oil-based insurance and liquid polymer. It doesnâ € ™ t dry or melt, even when exposed to party provided that the fire and thatâ € ™ s what makes it so popular. It is very different from clay (clay is commonly used by children and facilitators) and clays that were used for sculpture. The clays are air-dried water-based and can be clearly sec.

You can cool art money or food technology. Most of the names of the common seal polymers Primo, Fimo (Classic and Soft), Sculpey and Kato. They come in many types and shows how Sharpa € ™ s and pearls that has the reflective properties you can use the elite property, translucent clay which is regularly used for sand, wood and ivory-colored flesh that can be used for dolls and figurines, and the elastic clays can be used for molding.

A Silver can be used in almost any what. You can use it to carve facts, faces, flowers, and any other effect that can be molded. Can also be used to hide different things with leaves and decorated with clay decoration and can even be used in the manufacture rods. It could also be used to impress in rubber stamps or leaves of cereals and other substances in your home. Some artists who are used as accessories to their jewelry. They even have their own website with a comprehensive education and advice on how to install. The trial for what they like to use the money is in the form of PVC (a polymer of vinyl acetate) plastic and a plasticizer some guy who holds the flexible clay. This type of soil has also This is generally recommended to use especially for those coming from your jewelry at home. Different types of gear used cutting for jewelry and polymer clay. Most artisans use pasta machine to roll the dough and roll the same thickness your choice. Subsequently, the clay is formed in the jeweler is proposed to use. Now you can put their drawings selected brand charm. By giving time, all kinds of silver jewelry clay can be used polymer. jewelery Silver designers are so fascinated with it that even be inclined to use on almost anything, even the poles. In fact, the money is clean to use and can even be placed on almost anything and everything.


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Address: Â Â Â 3F, No.13-15, Building 4, a zone, Futian Jewelry Street, Yiwu City, Zhejiang, China (322000)


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