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Can the movie Finding Nemo become annoying after your child watches it over and over again?

My 2 1/2 year old has watched the movie Finding Nemo over and over again!

Ahh, yours too huh. My son went through that with Nemo. He had to watch it before he went to bed. Now its my nephew. I can't wait for my 6 mo old to get old enough for that movie. Yes, I'd say it gets annoying probably after about the 3rd time. Especially the main menu! But of course after it was Nemo then it was Madagascar and Cars and Thomas. With my daughter its Mulan and Cinderella and Lady and the Tramp. But the Really Horible Part is that it never ends. My husband watchs Smoky and the Bandit, and Rocky everytime I'm not looking. limit your tv time a day or you won't make it sanely through. Trust me.

The Movie Formula

I was sitting at home with my family one night and we were discussing what makes the movies we like attractive to us. If we take all the Disney/Pixar movies as an example we came to the conclusion that all of them have a few key elements that appear in each movie, that draw our attention time and time again. For example, they all have a main hero who makes a mistake but gets a chance to fix it, an extremely funny and totally outrageous sidekick (who the movie would not be complete without), an evil entity and a moral (each movie teaches us a lesson).

Movie #1: Aladdin
Aladdin was the main character. His grave mistake was trying to fool the princess Jasmine into believing he was a prince so that she would marry him. He gets to redeem himself later on by saving them all with his wit and cunning. The utterly hilarious Genie is the sidekick (although Robin Williams can never be anything but the centre of attention). The evil entity would be the hideous and jealous Jafar and the moral of the story is that even if you had a genie that could grant your every wish, when it comes to love, you cannot fool anyone, you must be yourself so that you can be loved for who you are.

Movie #2: Nemo
This movie has two different heroes, depending on your point of view. On the one hand we have Nemo, and on the other we have Marlin. The ever so trusty sidekick is Dory the forgetful blue tang. Nemo’s naughty deed for the movie is ignoring his father and swimming out too far, but, he gets to save his fellow fish friends from a life in a tank. And Marlin, well, he probably should not have been on Nemo’s case all the time, but he gets to save him in the end, so it is all good. Moral of the story, children, listen to your parents. Parents, listen to your children. Children, your parents will come save you wherever you are. Parents, trust your children they are smart and resourceful.

Movie #3: Monsters Inc.
Well, our hero for this movie is Sulley. His big mistake was letting a human into the monster world, but I guess it was all for the better when he found out it was not really necessary for monsters to be scary. And our trusty sidekick would be Mike Wazoski, who, as we said, the movie would not be complete without. And like all great movies, we have an evil character, Randall the evil serpent. Moral of our movie is that if you have two options, either to scare someone into doing something, or making them do it by making them happy, the better option is usually to make them happy, they will do it better.

Movie #4: Mulan
Well, Mulan was our heroin for this movie, and her utterly hilarious sidekick was Mushu. Mulan's big boo boo was pretending to be a man, but she more than made up for it when she saved all of China from an invasion. Evil guy was probably Shan Yu the leader of the Hans, but I suppose all of them together would represent the evil entity. The moral of this story has a few parts. One, be yourself and do not try to turn yourself into something you are not. Two, follow your heart. Three, be flexible, adapt, accept that some things are different to what you expect. And the final one is probably the importance of family.

Each of these movies teaches us a valuable lesson and we get to see that lesson from different points of view, from the view of the goofball, the hero, and the villain. I suppose the main thing all these movies are trying to tell us is that if you are predominantly good, the world will do right by you. While this is not always true, because the world can be harsh, these movies give those 2 hours of knowing that everything will sort itself out in the end.

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