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What's the best kind of fine-point pen?

I'm just looking for a really thin inking pen, preferably a high-quality one.

I personally like ZIG 005 for really fine stuff.

How To Avoid Speeding Fines

Have you ever been caught by the speed camera and fined? Are you exasperated with the fact that every time you hit the accelerator, a speeding ticket is sent to your home directly? If so, here is some good news for you: you can actually avoid speeding fines! Of course, avoid speeding is the advice of the day but there are other ways of avoiding speeding fines too. Here's the headline: The very speeding camera that catches people speeding has a major flaw in it.

The Home Office in the UK has admitted that it is possible for drivers to avoid getting caught in the "New Generation" speed cameras. This camera works by calculating the average speed of the car over a long distance. This simply means that you can easily avoid 3 points on your license as well as £60 fine. So how is this possible? The camera used in the UK roads is different from the standard Gatso camera. The Gatso camera will flash when a car passes by it but the new gen camera measures the speed of a car between two fixed points, which can possibly be miles apart. Now if the average speed between these two points is higher than the speed limit then the driver gets a speeding ticket.

This camera was designed especially for those motorists who slow down in front of the camera and then over speed the moment they have crossed the camera point. The Home Office has actually set aside a rule that states the prosecution of drivers is valid only if they are filmed in the same lane from the starting point to the finish point. This means that you will be fined only if you are found speeding in the same lane between the two points that the camera is measuring. Guess you have got the answer by now! Yes! If you keep changing lanes then you will end up avoiding speeding fines. So all you have to do is leave the speed camera lane using a different lane than the one that you came from originally.

This camera is being manufactured by Speed Check Services (SCS) and they have also confirmed that you can avoid speeding fines by lane hopping. There are 27 such sets of cameras installed all across the UK and the cost of installation ranges from £180,000 and £1.5 million per site. The SCS cameras function by measuring the time your vehicle will take to pass through two number plate reading cameras that have been set 6.2 miles apart. If you are driving in the same lane for the 6.2 miles then a computer will work out the time you will take to cover the distance and thus it will calculate the average speed of your car.

But Home Office 'type approval' rules states that each of the individual sets can't be linked to any other set. So if you jump lanes then you will move into another set and your previous set will not remain valid. And you'll successfully avoid any speeding fines!

About the Author

James Spencer is an established writer in the speeding fines industry. A personal interest in avoiding speeding fines started his career ambition, to properly handle the techniques required to get off speeding fines.


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