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At Die Cut Machines your source for Die Cutting Machines and Crafting Supplies we hope the Flair Magic products and information here meets your needs.

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baseball card prices/try and give me the best price that id get for these if u can....all r in great condition?

alonzo mourning -usa team 1994 flair
jody davis- cubs catcher 1988 o pee chee
ray allen- bucks 1998 topps
curt schilling- pitcher . phillies 1995 topps
barry bonds- pirates 1988 o pee chee
tony gwynn-padres 1988 o pee chee
rick sutcliffe- cubs 1988 o pee chee
jim mcmahon- chicago bears 1989 topps
chris webber- warriors 1994 flair
clyde drexler- blazers 1994 flair
mark mcgwire- athletics 1988 o pee chee
sam cassell- houston rockets 1994 flair
shaquille o'neal- magic 1994 3d upper deck

The biggest ones are probably Schilling, Gwynn, O'Neal, Drexler, maybe Allen. Bonds i don't know because of all the steroids so with mcgwire. davis not alot, sutcliffe wouldnt be that bad. not sure about mourning

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