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Can't find straight seam binding can I use quilt binding?

I got a pattern at walmart it calls for straight seam binding all i could find was quilt binding, will that work? Also i could not find knit fabric could I use flannel? I can buy knit otherwise. Thanks for the answers

Quilt binding is not right for a garment. And if the pattern says it is for knit fabric you must use knit. Flannel will not stretch and your garment will not fit or you will not be able to get it on.
You need to go to a sewing store like Hancock or JoAnn's.

How to Create a Handmade Children's Quilt or Crib Quilt

How to Create a Handmade Children's Quilt or Crib Quilt


  1. A handmade children’s quilt or crib quilt lasts for beyond even the child’s toys or playthings, because they are gifts of a lifetime.

            Jack and Jill with their pail of water, Winnie the Pooh, or other story book characters do not have to adorn the tops of children’s quilts or crib quilts for them to be favorites today.  Children’s quilts can be replicas or smaller versions of adult quilts. When designing the children’s quilt, look first for fabrics.  The soft baby flannels, minx, quilters cottons each bring a uniquely soft texture to the quilt, which allow for the cozy, cuddly feeling.  The novelty and solid collection of colors and designs, adds to the gorgeous prints and plaids that make up the 100% cotton quilt flannel materials and cottons.  These arrays of colors, designs for boys or girls are as endless as your imagination.  From the  traditional trains, planes, ABC’s, and ducks for boys to the dolls, flowers, and kittens for girls, the patterns and designs you use, the materials, colors, and textures now create a uniquely one-of-a-kind children’s quilt or crib quilt.  More traditional quilt designs include the four and nine patch, the star, and the appliqué designs, which bring the 19th Century children’s quilt approach into a more modern day designing.  The most common and often used is the patch work, that offers the flexibility to encompass all materials, color, and textures of materials, yet provides for an easy pattern that even the most novice of quilters to attempt, as they design and set out to hand make their children’s quilt or crib quilt for their special gift.

            Where do you begin?  Take a trip to your local fabric store, browse the materials, feel the textures, match the colors and choose the ones right for your specials “little one.”  Once you’ve made your choice, wash and lightly iron the fabrics before you begin to cut or sew.  Take your time, and relax making your quilt.  If you need help, call or ask another quilter.  If there is no one in your family or circle of friends that is a quilter, check your local organizations for a quilt guild in your area or look for them online.  Any quilter would be happy to share “their passion” with you and answer all of your questions.  Just ask.  Remember your making a gift for a life time.  Pour your heart into your children’s quilt or crib quilt and watch that keepsake quilt in the hands of the child, who received it as your gift.  It’s truly worth every minute of your time.

            Time to quilt.

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Come and choose one our handmade children’s quilts, a lasting keepsake, a unique birthday gift, or Christening gift, for that special “little one.”
Visit my website: www.uniquebabyquiltboutique.com and chose of one unique handmade children’s quilt from my collection for your child’s birthday or other special event.
Sharon Camp has been quilting for over 30 years.


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