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Yamaha C3 user review?

Has anyone ridden this scooter (moped, whatever)? It's kinda funny looking compared to most scooters, but I think that's part of its charm. That at the large storage area. What do you think about it? Most of the reviews I've seen are positive.

I'd be using it to commute, about 18 miles round trip, mostly flat or long but not steep inclines.

Any tips on helmets and locks?
Thanks for the info, guys. I'm in Hawaii, so for a bike of this size it is required that I get a motorcycle license, have insurance and wear a helmet.

My wife's does 44 mph stock and gets 120 miles off .9 gallon of gas, A great scooter to own.
Water cooled, 3 valve motor that's fuel injected.
Full face helmet's are the best, Snell and D.O.T certified are the better.
Locks, The bigger the better, I added a alarm to my wife's for extra security.
I'm a member at
For more info ask there.

Magnetic Signs | Displays With Unique Fashion And Charming, Enormous Designs For Those Who Prefer Quality

While thinking about magnetic signs, there are a consumer can opt for three sizes and style choices. They are mainly magnetic signs with lettering only, magnetic signs with graphics, photo, or logo and combination of customer supplied artwork & vinyl lettering. Magnetic vehicle signs are being widely acknowledged as a productive and cost-effective way to advertise one’s business. Custom magnetic signs are placed on the side of cars, trucks, delivery vans and most other automobiles. Magnetic signs are normally placed on either of the front doors, or on the rear side of the vehicle. If the vehicle is constantly on the move then several hundreds of people will be able to get the message and that is indeed excellent publicity for little or no cost.

People wishing to buy magnetic vehicle signs must opt for those made from durable thermoplastic vinyl, a permanently magnetized sheet with a smooth, semi-gloss white face. It is important that all four corners are radius cut so the sign will not get displaced when the vehicle is moving. Particularly for people who need to advertise something for a temporary period, then a magnetic sign is the obvious answer. Magnetic signs are very affordable and cost a trifle when compared with permanently applied vehicle graphics. There is a popular misconception that magnetic signs can only be used on vehicles. Custom magnetic signs can also be effectively used on any flat surface including steel entry doors or steel containers. Top level customer rated magnetic signs & displays are Magnet - Sleek Car: CSM, Magnet - SUV Shape, Truck - Stock Shape Magnet, Van Stock Shape Magnet, Magnet - Oil Truck Shape, Magnet - Motorcycle Shape, Custom Shape Magnet, Magnet - Collared Shirt Shape, Magnet - Key Shaped, Magnet - Mortar & Pestle Shape, Magnet - Triangle Round Corners, Magnet - Teddy Bear Shape and more.

Designing the perfect Magnetic Signs is a seemingly daunting task but it is really not so difficult if you follow a few simple steps in the designing and ordering process. A car magnet is a product that, when designed correctly, can be a marvelous advertising tool. Keep the design as simple as possible. A lot of customers make the mistake of cramping the sign with loads of information. The most effective way to get your information across on a car magnet is to keep it short and simple and reader-friendly. The entire information must be restricted to the company name, phone number, website details, along with mentioning one or two services provided. Plus, because today we are living in the age of the Internet, many prospective customers will see your name on the auto magnet.

Print4Half.Com presently introduced to the market variety of signs and displays which will be exactly suitable with your needs. You have the option of catching a particular product, or able to implement your own style & designs to our design team to outsource more clarity and simplicity for individual signs. Those products will definitely help you to promote your business to a great extent. We are always aiming for low cost design of magnetic signs with excellent quality.

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