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Can anyone tell me where I can find Polyresin Flatback craft figures?

I am looking to start my own craft projects, I need flatback polystone or resin, or polyresin child related figures. Any suggestions on a wholesale website?

I think you may need to explain a bit more about what you're looking for. Are you looking for flat-ish small figures perhaps backed with a cutout shape from an acrylic sheet? Or are you looking for the acrylic sheeting itself so you can make figures?

I've never heard of "polystone" but "resin" is a two-part synthetic plastic which comes in various forms (clear/opaque,colored, polyester/epoxy, poured into molds or used a thick coatings, etc., etc.).
I did find this "Flexstone" material for countertops in aircraft though when I googled polystone... it's a synthetic plastic which has inclusions and colorants. Is that what you're wanting?

Diane B.


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