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How do I fuse a cotton panel to fleece for a toddler bed blanket?

We just converted our 2yr old son's crib into a toddler bed and he's asking for a Lightning McQueen blanket. I found a really cute cotton blanket panel and bought some fleece to line the backside with. Can I use stitch witchery sheets (not strips, actual sheets) to fuse these together before I sew the sides? I'm trying to prevent a wobbly middle, if that makes sense. The woman in the fabric dept. said it might work but i'm not so sure now that i'm laying all the pieces out. If not SW, what can I use to fuse these two fabrics together?
Thank you everyone for your answers...they were all great and I used a few of your tricks to finish my son's blanket just now. It came out great and he loves that mommy made it! Thanks again!

Temporary spray adhesive,then stitch full length&width grid 6"squares with invisible thread on graphic side.Preshrink the cotton and use a long stitch length.A very thin batting could be added to give a slight billowed appearance and added warmth.Sewing the edges first,while wrong side out and turning then hand stitch the turning hole.Then a perimeter stitch leaves a nice simple edge.

Titleist Golf Gloves

Wearing a golf glove during a round should prevent sweat from ruining a golfer’s swing but should not hamper the feel when taking a shot.

It has been no accident on the part of Titleist that their golf gloves are constructed using Cabretta leather, which feels, not like a glove, but, more like a second skin. None of the feeling is lost wearing a golf glove of this calibre and the range of Titleist golf gloves are extremely soft to the touch and offer stretch knuckles, so remain comfortable, even during tense shots.

The Titleist Players Glove

For, exactly, the same reasons that a profession golfer would choose to own this Titleist golf glove, the casual golfer could benefit from the soft, supple Cabretta leather, which is rain resistant without losing its feel or shape, but, is supremely breathable, so no sweaty hand problems. The player’s golf glove from Titleist is a premier quality product for the discerning golfer.

The Titleist Perma-Tech â„¢ golf glove is where high quality leather meets innovative hi-tech Lycra to produce a golf glove that is durable, supple and fits like a second skin with added comfort and flex built in.

Titleist Perma-Soft ® golf gloves provide added  flex and fit with the addition of  Titleist’s proprietary CoolMax® mesh panel and is available for, both, left and right handed golfers, as well as, lady golfers, too.

Titleist Winter Golf Gloves

Specially designed to keep a golfer’s hands as warm as toast on, even, the coldest of winter days are the Titleist winter mitts, which have been constructed using a durable, waterproof, nylon fabric (taslon) which is commonly found in winter ski gloves. Polar fleece has been incorporated to prevent hands from becoming too cold to make the next shot

Titleist golf gloves are available from Golfbuyitonline and are offered as a premier golf item that comes in a range of sizes to suit all serious golfers.

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