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How come my phone's keypads changed colors? Anyone pls help!?

I've been using W705 (floral pink) for about 3 months now...I noticed the keypads turned abut yellowish at the edge of it...fyi it's made of some rubber material.

So how come it turned color? And any ideas on how to get it off?

thanks, it will be SOO MUCH HELP ^^

I am assuming that you didn't spill or get anything unnatural on the phone with this answer.

The sweat/secretions that your body puts out naturally have an acidity factor. Some people's skin is more acidic, some others are less.

My guess is that the acid from your skin/fingers changed the color of the keypad

Floral Gifts Of Wooden Roses

Your nearby mom and pop store or the superstore in the nearby mall will have a variety of presentable items. This will also include variety of silk, plastic and wooden roses. From a distance, a rare few pair of eyes can differentiate a real rose from an artificial one. Skeptics may argue or laugh seeing a wooden rose. But the fact is that, their acceptance is increasing every passing day.

Wooden roses have many advantages over the real roses. Firstly, with little care, they are everlasting unlike the real ones which wilt away in few days. And with the maturation of their making process, they now look very much real. Intelligent gift makers have made interesting gifts out of these roses.

One can shop wooden roses plant arranged with artificial grass, laid on a green lawn with some soil and decorative pebbles spread around.  You can also get a similar arrangement with the wooden rose plant planted in water. And if you are planning to decorate the corner of your office or the space behind your desk, you can create a small waterfall falling down behind the wooden rose plants and other wooden saplings.

For home decoration purpose, you can get a long stem wooden red rose with a candle holder attached to it. Or you can buy a small stem single wooden rose with an attached ceramic pen holder. You can also match the wooden rose basket or vase with your other real or artificial vases. For instance, if you already have real plants in your backyard in reddish brown colored earthen pots or vases, you buy a wooden rose plant with a matching vase. Or if you have any creepers or any plants in the hanging basket in your balcony or on the window, you hang a basket of wooden roses. You can also add plastic butterflies, rubber snails to the wooden roses arrangement and give it a more natural look.

Hundreds of options are available that can go along with the wooden roses. It's only a matter of taking little effort and thoughtfully picking up the right one for your home or office.

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Tired of replacing fresh roses every couple of days? Wooden Roses is the answer. Click here to find out why wooden roses are getting popular nowadays and how to make wooden roses yourself.


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