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what color eye shadow to wear with white tulle wedding dress?

my dress is white tulle with applique and detailing and swaroski crystal beading. my bridesmaids dresses are navy blue, my fiance is wearing a gold vest and tie set with black tuxedo, and the venue is yellow and coral. i'm putting in peacock feathers in my bouquet and more in the venue, so what color make up should i go with? also what color flowers should i go with for the bouquet and venue? i'm not decorating the whole venue with the flowers only by where we're seating.
i meant applique detail not applique and detailing lol

You do not match your eye shadow to your dress or any surrounding colors. You use the eye shadow that brings out your eyes the most. Go for a smoky light brown. Glaring colors like blues and greens are rarely used. You may want to have your make up done professionally or go to one of the larger department stores that gives free make up trials and let them give suggestions. What compliments your eye color, skin tone and hair is the things you want to look at. You might want a bit of the tiny glittery (just a bit) high liter around your neck and throat area, just a tiny twinkle here and there. Again for for a free make-over, you do have to schedule an appointment. Try the Lancome' counter or Estee Lauder.

As for your bouquet go with some white and some tiny coral spray roses. You don't want a lots of glaring color in your bouquet. Let the bm carry yellow and the peacock feathers in theirs and I would leave the peacock feathers out of yours and add in only the coral and white. Yellow to me in yours would be a bit much. You don't want to overshadow the white dress with a big blob of color, go for subtle and feminine, perhaps some baby's breath (gyphsophilia) white lillies or calla lillies and coral spray roses.

The perfect wedding dress for the wedding Do It Yourself

You have a DIY wedding, you want a wedding dress and you're on a budget. Then what are you doing? If you love to sew, or are difficult to accept, make your own answer would be. This way, you get exactly what you want, and the setting is perfect. Here are some suggestions on how to start:

• If you're new to sewing, you can buy a model. Fabric Shops help to talk through the purchase of equipment, and help when you're stuck.

• Make sure your wardrobe for coverage that would make a good bra for your dress. It may be a reservoir shaped sleeveless blouse perfect, a top or even a tube top. Now you have the top panel of her dress. Everything you do is add the length of the skirt and the look you want.

• One of the favorites, tight clothing can be used as their boss.

• A pair of pajamas can be used as a model, but adding a wide belt or belt to be more stringent.

• When the dress fits perfectly, then add your accounts appliques, sequins, satin buttons, etc.

• A veil can be as simple as a square mesh placed on the head place the comb decoration, flowers or tiara.

• Flowers can be treated very simply by linking several long-stemmed roses with a ribbon with the colors of marriage and are being draped on the arm. Use the same thing for any lady of honor, with fewer flowers.

If this seems overwhelming for you or you simply do not have the skills of sewing, the time or desire to make your own wedding many options for you to choose. Following are few places where you can find help:

• The Internet has hundreds of places where you can buy out Lates wholesale clothing warehouse in styles continued, and pre-worn clothing. Visit www.outletbound.com Outlet Bound to find seats in your area, you can buy.

• Have you considered renting your dress? It is rare for a wedding dress to get a second use, unless you sell or give to someone else. or check the online yellow pages for rental gown.

• A pet store aquatic pet is a good place to go up and wearing the same design with a very strong price. There are usually several seasons old, whatsoever.

• thrift shops often have more clothes, which are enjoying popularity again after so many years. Trim is easily removed and replaced, even with minimal effort and cost.

• Classified ads are also a good source. Many women sell their ads for clothes without paying intermediaries. Often, you get the whole team that way, including Underwear and the veil.

• Line Back to Craig that anyone can view the ads in your area, or launch your own ad for a specific style and wedding dress size you want.

• Go to eBay and bid on a dress of your auction.

As you can see, there are many ways to get a wedding dress for your wedding yourself. By the way, if you have a friend or a family of similar size has a wedding dress in your closet, no nothing wrong with the loans!

To your beautiful wedding!

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