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Tulips and daffodils? If you cut the bulbs in a vase of flowers for this year will grow again next year?

Because I read that are supposed to wait until the leaves die, even after the flowers are dead ... Why?

I think you can cut flowers of the vases of the bulbs and will return. I was cutting the flowers for my paperwhite narcissus recent years and always flower the following year. The theory behind until the leaves die, is that any new plant in the bulb to regenerate the following year. I have neighbors who have cut daffodils die before they get even flowering next spring. If you need more answers visit your local garden store or the library of gardening!

It is difficult to imagine a flower to be able to calm nerves, reduce inflammation and swelling, promote healing of children burns, decrease muscle pain and overcome insomnia. Who would have thought this little purple flower stalks one of the most essential oils versatile vegetable has to offer.

As one of the mildest oils and versatile essential lavender have a positive effect on this mental, emotional, physical and metaphysical person. This oil brings clarity and peace of mind, and emotional harmony. Lavender is successfully used to treat insomnia, stress, depression and anxiety. Lavender is also famous for being one essential oils that bring out the best healing properties in other essential oil is mixed with.

On the other hand, is acquired without prescription. Earlier in the Mediterranean countries, this perennial plant has been prized for its aroma and medicinal qualities. Lavender has been used for its healing properties for centuries in the form of dried flowers and essential oils, and still retains its popularity.

The astonishing truth about Health Services Lavender

This versatile essential oil is well known for thousands people. In recent decades, researchers have developed this unique flower extracts, under the microscope with outstanding results.

Lavender has been recognized as one of the most natural ingredients and more beneficial to help stop the pain of minor injuries such as burns or cuts. Lavender is also recommended for the pain of sunburn. Headaches may disappear when a small amount of lavender oil is massaged into the temples or the nape of her neck.

Lavender is being studied for prevention and treatment of various cancers, and also another survey Preliminary revealed that parts of the flower can help reduce cholesterol and blood sugar.

There is no known side effects to lavender oil. Only in very rare cases, the oil can cause an allergic skin reaction.

Some Useful Plants


Garlic is an alternative to antibiotics is used to disinfect wounds, treat ear infections, cholera and typhoid. This herb is an anti-fungal and anti-oxidant and can help reduce cholesterol. It could be useful risk factors for heart disease, hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes and cancer.

Excess of garlic can cause stomach disorders / flatulence, occupational asthma, postoperative bleeding, swelling, bad breath, body odor and skin irritation. People with mental disorders of coagulation should not use garlic.


Parsley (Petroselinum) is one of the most recognized herbs, diuretic and more nutritious containing high amounts of vitamins A, B, C and minerals like calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium. It is very useful for kidney problems and urinary retention and water.

Oregano oil

This plant has healing, antioxidant and anti-microbial. It is used to treat the abdomen slightly uncomfortable, bronchitis, nervous tension, insect bites, rheumatism, earache, toothache and not to mention the athlete's foot. It is also useful to reduce swelling, gas, urinary problems, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammation of glands, and lack of sweating. In addition, it is as powerful as morphine, as analgesic.

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