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Makeup help for a formal dance? Please?

Hey guys! I need some help on makeup to match my dress for a formal dance. I don't like wearing a lot of makeup, so not a whole lot. But something to match a strapless black dress with silver sequins and beads in patterns of flowers. It has a black ribbon to tie around and it has a lighter fabric over the heavy fabric, that has the sequins and opens in the front. It's a very classical, elegant dress and I wanted something to match. Can you help? Thanks in advance!

since the dress had silvery touch... you should maybe put:

eyes- a metallic color , eyeliner, and put on mascara
cheeks- a light color such as light pink or sparkly kind of blush
lips- wear either pink, red, transparent color lip gloss
and then put a bit of body glitter on

Exchanging your wedding rings and vows in an exotic location

Why not consider a beach wedding to exchange wedding rings. Make the day even extra special for your guests by giving them a small gift also known as a wedding favour. Beach weddings are becoming more and more popular for couples getting married these days with airlines flying to more and more exotic locations. Getting married in a church has all ways been the long held belief and having a wedding reception at a different location has become quite normal. The option of exchanging wedding rings and vows on the beach is a new and exciting idea. Just imagine a beautiful sandy beach on a sunny day in a wonderful tropical island location. What better place could there be to exchange your vows and wedding rings? And after a reception in the same idillic location for the wedding guests to receive there wedding favours.

One of the best factors involving these types of weddings is the casual approach to many of the arrangements. Couples can in fact choose to wear anything for the wedding ceremony. Often a brides dress will be decorated with shells, sequins, beading and other embroidery. Dispensing with the long formal head dress is a good idea, instead opting for a shorter veil or a head piece of flowers. Going barefoot is a popular choice and being on the beach is also the logical thing to do to make the day feel like a real holiday. Grooms also can wear casual clothing rather than the full dress suit such as a neat button shirt and again no shoes.

Being outside also means you can invite as people as you wish to attend the ceremony as there are no confines of a building to limit numbers. However this is not an essential requirement. You can have just a special a day by inviting a few family members or friends. The important point here is to make sure that you check with the local authorities the number of people you are allowed to gather together in a public space. Its all ways best to plan ahead in order to avoid any serious problems regarding legal issues that would spoil your day.

As we mentioned above a beach wedding is ideally set in an exotic setting. The act of getting married abroad is known as a destination wedding. Don't worry if you can't afford to fly away to destinations in the sun, some couples have arranged there own stay at home beach weddings creating there own beach style venues.

No matter where you decide to hold your beach wedding your guests will all ways appreciate there wedding favour to take away with them. Simple ideas such as personalised name cards on the tables make ideal wedding favours providing they are designed in a tasteful style. For example if your reception is to be held on the water then try creating placeholders in the shape of ships sails. This helps keep everything into a single theme. Even after the big day a nice touch for all your guests is to let them keep a photo album which they can keep to remind themselves of the day they spent on the beach attending your wedding. The ideas for favours are virtually endless. Just try websites on the internet to find out more.

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