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I want to spray some fake flowers for my wedding with a glitter spray. What kind of glitter spray do I use?

Hmm. Your wedding day should be exactly the way YOU want it to be. What on Earth is wrong with some glitter on your flowers?

To get a lovely fine shimmer effect, you can use shimmer paint mixed in a small spray bottle with half water and half rubbing alcohol (like Isocol). Add a tiny bit if shimmer paint, shake it up and test it out on something like cardstock first. If you want more glimmer, add more shimmer paint, then test again till you have the effect you want. View your shimmered paper or flower from different angles and in different light to see the full effect.

Then try it out on a silk flower and see if you like that before applying it to your whole bouquet. I would do each flower separately. It should also work on fresh flowers if you leave them to dry awhile.

Just a warning - the shimmer will adhere to almost anything it gets onto so do spread out some scrap papers before you spray anything! I have a box You could cut a box down diagonally to act as a 'spray booth'.

You can buy shimmer paint from Stampin' Up! and also from some arts and craft stores.

Then there is Glimmer Mist which is also available at arts and craft stores. Here are some spiral roses I made then glimmer misted:


For another effect, I used Smooch silver spray (already made up in its own bottle with a spray nozzle on top) on a flower I made for a little accordion album. You might get some idea of how it will turn out by looking at the picture:


You can get Smooch sprays in lots of colours, but I like the silver and the gold ones.

Another idea is to stamp an image (such as hearts) on the flower petals in Versamark ink, then emboss the images with glitter powder. That would stand out a lot more:


Have a beautiful wedding day 🙂


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