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What type of flower is purple, grows on a single long stem, and multiple purple flowers bloom off of the stem?


Hanukah Flowers – A Symbol of Joy and Happiness

Hanukah, as we know, is a festival of lights, celebrated by the Jews for eight days in late November or early December. This festival is celebrated in remembrance of Maccabeus’s victory against Antiochus of Syria. Hanukah flowers symbolize the honor and pride of that victory. It is a celebration of thanks giving and devotion to God. You can send Hanukah flowers or sweets to greet your friends and relatives on this festival. Decorate your houses with Hanukah floral arrangements to bring in the festive mood. Flowers can be arranged in different ways to make your house look beautiful.

A traditional Hanukah flower arrangement is made up of blue and white flowers. Blue flowers represent tranquility and peace, while white flowers symbolize purity and truth. These days flowers in other colors are used in these floral arrangements. So, if you’re not very particular about the traditional flowers, then you can opt for floral arrangements with dozed long stem white roses.

Place these floral arrangements on a table in the foyer to greet your guests when they arrive. To symbolize the festival of lights, you can also set up a couple of candles in these floral bouquets.

If you’re planning to have a celebration at home with all your friends and relatives, then you can decorate the house with Hanukah flower arrangements all around.

To make this beautiful festival even more memorable, you can present your guests with beautiful Hanukkah flowers when they leave or you can also gift them the Hanukkah Holiday Decorated Cookie Tin with Hanukkah decorated Oreo's(R) in delicious dark and white chocolate from

Share the festive spirit of Hanukah with your friends and relatives by sending Hanukah flowers. has a number of lovely Hanukah floral arrangements from which you can take your pick.

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