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I need ideas for wrapping Christmas presents?

I'm on a budget this year, I decided that people will be able to get products bakery and artisan chocolates and candies for Christmas. Items used to package bakery products such as bags and boxes in the windows of the bakery, flower pots, glass jars with screw, lid and turn up in frying pans, pastry, coffee mugs, cans and brown bags with handles boat. I always decorate with dried flowers or flower bells and ribbons, paper cutouts and hand-painted rubber stamping. I layer of cookies and place a piece of wax paper board decklid between each cookie wrapped in a paper towel or fabric. I am eager to inspire new ideas. I love to give baked goods a sweet wine that seems to the bakery for people. I think the package can be as important as content. I like a good face. I also want some ideas that were very unique and looking for fun and unusual. Thank you very much for your help ..

Baskets, baskets or make your own newspaper: Here basket tutorial is easy: You can use shredded paper filling. ornaments of paper, since (Http: / / / Paper flower ornaments.html) Could gorgeous gift tags. Another label that idea that you can do: Print your creations on heat transfer paper, then transferred to fabric materials. Design of glass jars: (You can also purchase adhesive rub-ons for this effect, or stick labels on them) have very good ideas! 🙂

Beautify your bathroom Empty Space

Is additional space in your bathroom and nothing to put in it? Fill it to solve the old chair are back in the hangar.

It is easy to decorate an old chair and make it become the conversation of the moment. Take the old chair or bench you have in the shed to go to the thrift shop, Goodwill stores or even a garage sale. Sometimes you can buy the old chairs very cheap. People are still establishing their old kitchen chairs on the sidewalk, stop and ask if you can, but you will probably be human garbage.

How to choose your boss?
Decide first what décor and colors you use. Make sure you go consistent with what already exists. If you own birds, can place a birdhouse in his chair. Be creative and think before you start your new project. People will notice each time they go to the bathroom. Besides presenting an empty place, you can use while putting socks. Exit the shower or bath, a chair is very convenient to sit while putting on shoes or even during drying his feet. The decor is simple and fun and be proud of what they have done.

Once again a chair or bench for the first time needs a theme, decide on colors, then go to work.

How to remove paint?
All you have old paint or varnish removal. You can find paintings and varnishes in most stores where paint is sold. After all, after removing the old paint, sanding to smooth out the nick and scratches.

Painting under the presidency itself should be the nail that moisture can be removed easily. Paint your chair, taking care, use small quantities in the bush to avoid running and make scratches in the paint once dry. Let dry for few days before doing something more than that.

How to choose additional accessories for the toilet seat:
You can buy stencils, rubber stamps or draw where you want to put a flower or sound, etc. By using the ceramic paint in the color or shade of your choice to Drawing on her. Making simple but colorful and creative. You can buy ceramic paint and brushes for use in any craft store sales. When choosing colors that make sounds are mixed with what you already have on the walls.

When your chair or bench is a step back and see what you have done. You'll be amazed at how it can be creative and fun.

Do you read to relax in LUSH Is there an empty seat next to a wicker chair to sit on the floor and put a couple of magazines in it? Some people like to read when they go to the bathroom. A small basket retain their equipment and reading in one location, it is not wet when you walked on or leave the tub or shower.

If you're not a player, but want to add a little more your bathroom, put a little stand next him, if there is a shelf at the bottom to a little luxury in the towel, take the towels match, and to set an artificial floor on top.

Make the pot is easy. Just take a luxury boat or a painting and the use of one of the stamps used in the chair and stamp on it. Second, each towel roll put towels on the dining table. Stand canvases rolled into the final round of the pot and put an artificial flower in it. You now a medium that can be used for towels and special occasions. You may be able to throw the magazines in a corner now the magazine rack and towel where people can see but not touch.

Remember to do too much. Keep it simple and creative.

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