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How to Decorate Your Own Plate???

When I was in 1st grade or so, my school teacher had a wonderful idea of letting us decorate our own plates. First she gave us paper to draw anything we wanted to. She took the decorated papers and the next time she returned it to us, it was on a plate. It's been many years later and I've now found that to be a wonderful gift, yet I don't know how to do it. I've tried looking on the internet and found some information but not much. (Modge podge, Polyurethane spray) I would really like to learn how to make it again for my girlfriend, so if anyone has any clue to this arts and crafts please help me out =]

There is a Laser Printer decal paper that would work. If you wanted to hand draw something, you can just scan it into your computer and print it out on this paper. You can see it here:

Another option would be a clear plate and paint on the back with Folkart Enamels. They are water-based non-toxic paint that do not have to be kiln fired. You can see some of those here:
When I taught Preschool my class always did a plate for their Moms for Christmas. I had a sponge that was shaped sort of like an upside down light bulb with 2 small holes cut out for eyes. The kids would dip the sponge in brown paint and then press it onto the plate. They would then dip their hand into the paint and use their hand print as antlers. A finger print of red paint made Rudolf's nose.


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