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Do you have to have a memory card for your embroidery machine to download from computer?

I just got this machine (BrotherPE-700II) was told I could download and how easy it was. I just tried downloading an alphabet font and it tells me" the destination drive is full to insert a new disk to continue"!
I just read in my book my machine only holds 512kb of data!! This pattern is apparently bigger! I looked on the site I bought from and it doesnt tell anything about that! I am confused!!! I just wanted a cute font and now I am stuck!! help!! 🙂

No, and you do not want to go in this direction.

You can use design cards, but they are expensive.

You should have a cable that connects the embroidery machine to the PC. This will show up on the PC as a new drive letter.

Create a file on the hard drive and name it Embroidery.

Download from the Internet to the Embroidery file.

When you want to send a design from the Embroidery file to the machine, select and send the desing to the drive letter for the cable.

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English Font Style

It is quite possible that English fonts are the most elegant of all the font styles that are made available to us today.  Of course, by “English font” we mean fonts of the English alphabet whose styles are evidently influenced by English culture from the past to the present rather than any font that uses the English alphabet as a base.  That being said, English fonts – whether they happen to be old English fonts or modern English fonts – tend to have a certain charm and respectability about them that very few other fonts could manage.  Perhaps this is because, collectively, there is a certain sense of history and authority that is associated with English fonts (old and modern alike).  One cannot help but feel either awe or respect for English fonts, perhaps because England is famously associated with the development of great secular literature; it is the home of Chaucer, William Shakespeare, G.K. Chesterton, and P.G. Wodehouse.  They are writers of a certain wit and imagination, such that they have brought the English language greatness – and English fonts a quiet sort of wit that easily translates to lighthearted dignity.  

Books are, they say, quite revered in England, and literature is a legacy that the English are working hard to keep alive – some of the best literature still comes out of England, and English writers are still known for their mastery of language and their leaps of imagination.  That being said, it is no surprise at all that English fonts are currently considered to be the more popular sort of fonts in non-business documents.  They often have more personality than the other fonts but without letting go of their dignity.  English fonts can come in script or non-script varieties.  English script fonts look like the handwriting of some of culture's greats like Jane Austen, while non-script fonts could either be of the old English variety (which look like old illuminated texts and the like) or modern English variety (similar to the classic movable type texts in books).  Evidently, English fonts have an admirable presence that will last for a while yet.

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