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Is there such a thing as a sewing machine that sews letters but isn't technically an "embroidery machine"?

I'm talking about built in fonts not just the "decorative embroidery stitch" you *could* use (if you're super skilled) to make letters. I'm shopping for a new sewing machine (mine broke) and I really want to be able to embroider monograms, names, dates, etc. but can't really afford the embroidery machine prices- and since I don't *need* the extra embroidery designs, I can't really justify the $300+ extra cost for just the ability to use fonts. I haven't been able to find just a sewing machine that does fonts, though... I'm thinking it's all or nothing with this, but thought I'd ask just in case you all knew of something I don't.
The "satin stitch" is exactly what I meant by "decorative embroidery stitch". That's what I had on my old machine, but it never quite worked right...or maybe I just never figured out how to use it without knotting. Not sure which. Are you saying there are sewing machines with alpha and numerical built-in??? I haven't seen this.

EDIT - Here is one -

They are usually higher end sewing machines and cost can be as much a Brother entry level embroidery machine.

Like this one which is a combo sewing/embroidery machine with built-in fonts for monograms -

ORIGINAL ANSWER - All you will have in a sewing machine will be the built-in decorative stitches, which includes alpha and numerical.

A lower end combo sewing/embroidery machine or an embroidery only machine will do much better job. Try one while you are shopping and testing the machines, which dealers should let you do. They may have a trade-in at a reasonable price.

The embroidery machine's built-in alphas can be stitched small, medium or large.

Most likely you would need the large option for monograms, which a sewing machine cannot do.

The only other option is to out-line the letters and use a satin stitch/zig-zag stitch and that can be tricky. This one is from Singer, but doable with any sewing machine that can satin stitch -

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