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At Die Cut Machines your source for Die Cutting Machines and Crafting Supplies we hope the Fonts Embroidery Machine products and information here meets your needs.

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What makes my computer late?

"I use my computer to run 3 separate embroidery machines to take software design as CorelDRAW, drawings and HAPPYLink. Sometimes, when I can not select these sources, "my team hourglass up and can take up to 30 seconds to select the source. The computer has 4 GB of RAM and a decent dual-core processor. Would it have anything to do with the video card? Received the lowest performance rating of 3.0 on Windows 5.9.

He may have to do with the number of application / process. Check CPU usage in Task Manager. So great is nearly 100% of the CPU is busy, so it is by introducing additional commands (such as the selection of a font). For heavy multitasking, a quad-core would be improved and the new Core i7 with HyperThreading would be awesome (works as a virtual 8-core processor).

Boost profits, expanding markets with a Digital Plotter cutter

Cutters are a natural complement to any company clothing decorated. The advantages they offer are many:

They work with a wide range of materials, including vinyl and cinema, and you can get a full-fledged system, including supplies, for only £ 2,000.

These materials can be applied mixtures of cotton and polyester cotton, nylon, polyester 100% leather, fabric, wood and metal. In addition to clothing, you can also decorate Accessories and extras such as umbrellas, hats, bags and coolers cd. Itâ € ™ s only a matter of choice of material for the substrate.

You have full control over design, allowing you to do things like names custom fitting long shirts in small font change and color, and so on.

Youâ € ™ re not attached to a flexible € ™ s time to make designs when necessary. If the short period of a vowel or a number or a disorder, there is more.

According to the court that you purchase your new team can not afford make a digital transfer things like company logos, a left chest or face design which introduces a number of new markets.

In addition to computers, you can expand your markets to include local community projects, in uniform, and all types of activity company. Â

And when the figure that someone will be healthy for-profit companies â € "Well, it could be your store, right? Finally, this type of market and versatility of design can help your business. In this spirit, liena € ™ s look at what you need to know about buying a mower.

Cutters are available into two types: the friction of the Fed, which includes cutting roll and cut sheets, or flat surface.

More Friction fed ™ € t sand cutters designed Twill to handle, although there are some important exceptions. Typically, cutters flat beds of about £ 4,000, you can do the job very well. The ability to manage and apply © crossover means that the bank has also added a sewing or embroidery machine. And you must be aware of the flat cut canâ € ™ t be used with materials roll. Many stores that do both have a brake dining room and a flat cut.

In all cases, the cutter is connected to your computer (typically not included as part of purchase) that youâ € ™ D connect a printer. Youâ € ™ ll also need a heat press and material to feed the tool cutting. Send a computational design with strawberries, which then cut the material a € "and against weeds (to remove unwanted materials) and heat seal on a substrate.

Some providers offer packages that include cutting, a hot press, and materials. In total, expect to spend about £ 2,000 and all necessary equipment, including a good press and supplies â € "a low price, considering all skills youâ € ™ ll be adding to your store.

Cutters software. usually come with software necessary, either independently or as a plug-in graphics programs like Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator. Essentially, the software acts as a driver for the cut. Although itâ € ™ sa more if you know the graphic arts programs, which, fortunately, can not survive without this knowledge with other programs available that automates many functions, often have more knowledge. However, the flexibility extends a comprehensive graphic arts skills and really what you can do for their clients.

There are also programs CAD-cut offering a wide range of design patterns and team focused on the sports market. Customers simply select the font, design, color and design as well, and are those related to the model, and get a professional looking design ready to be sealed with heat. Another option is to use suppliers who offer works art. They clean your customer € ™ s art and vectorization that itâ € ™ s ready for the start of the strawberry. (Artwork Cutters not only vector art, most of bitmap or raster.) Clip art companies also offer thousands of pets and the images can be easily imported into your CAD program cut and incorporated into a design.

Material. materials come in sheets and rolls. A major advantage of roll products do not sit there and feed on leaves in the machine. You can load up a roll which then continue to reduce until the job is done. Thereâ € ™ s also no limit to the designation € ™ s long as the roll is continuous. Rolls usually come in 38cm and 50cm wide.

vinyl cutter can also make signs, which is generally material self-adhesive film, heat applied material used for clothing, equipment sandblasting; magnetic material to make magnets refrigerator and magnetic vehicle signs, and in some cases, the transfer paper. This means that not only provide equipment for number of school football jersey, you can print the team € ™ s season programming and the sale of magnetic materials teams and fans who want to put it in the refrigerator.

As an alternative to vinyl, some suppliers also offer polyurethane material chosen, or PU is environmentally friendly. It is actually thinner, it's prettier, softer than vinyl. In addition, the product PU € â € œloves Itself and may, therefore, several layers together. An important feature of the CPU design is a two-color two-layer you feel like a single layer, but without some customers prefer the thicker, shiny vinyl traditional appearance.

For the markets, such as dance, fashion, and security, youâ € ™ ll find a variety of film options, including sheet metal bright, fluorescent and opaque. reflective materials, which have recently become in a variety of colors, are very popular safety where visibility is crucial, for example, children walk to school with backpacks. Now kids can be safe and make a statement mode at a time!

Size. Cutters come in widths of many â € "at all rather than 20cm 160cms. Of course, the cutter € ™ s cost increases accordingly, approximately £ 700 to £ 10,000. In general, however, expected to spend around £ 1000 to 1500 £ cut quality.

Unless youâ € ™ re going to use that blade hobby you should work avoid anything less than 38 cm wide. 60cms wide, is considered a minimum standard size for a sporting goods retailer to make shirts. Â

Other considerations Cutter

When shopping for a lawnmower, there are some other features considered. They include:

You Memory. of strawberries with a buffer appropriate. This allows the unit quickly download computer models strawberry.

Down force. know how many grams of force have the knife. Some have about 150 grams of force, while others have about 450. According to the new hardware youâ € ™ cut more downward force may be useful. You must have sufficient strength to reduce heavier materials such as twill, for example. So make sure your vendor is aware of all the materials you plan to cut.

Optics eye. It is a relatively new feature available in cup but can save a lot of time to increase productivity. a blade in one eye view of set points and registration with the included software allows you to quickly define the contours of everything, including intricate designs. Then cut quickly and accurately throughout the design.

If your mower has an optical eye (which would cost £ 1,400 - £ 2,000), so you can add a spot of ink printer with low cost, and cut designs in color with a dark garments. optical eye in his court will not have to worry about how to use scissors to laboriously cut white border around your creations. Print the designs on transfer paper inkjet printer using, use the knife to cut the contour of the printed image, and use the press to heat seal the image on the garment. An eye view also allows you cut the lines of elements such as window stickers.

Presets. For each type of material being cut, the machine must be programmed with the details of this equipment.  If youâ € ™ will switch between vinyl and film, For example, itâ € ™ s useful to have a cup that has a number of presets. This way, you just press a button and the unit be prepared to handle this material.


Some suppliers offer Warranty. Extended warranties also free, so be sure to ask what type of coverage is included. Also, ask if the supplier offers a machine free loan used to maintain the production of your computer must be repaired.

Using a knife Training. requires little training, you can get online or in person. In fact, several training programs in just one hour before youâ € ™ re up and running. Find out if the vendor provides in person or by e-learning, or both â € "and at what price, if necessary.

Search Speed. what rapidity with which the work of the blade. Most suppliers are measured in terms of centimeters per second. Speed about 38 cm per second or more is good. Note that more complex designs may require a much slower speed.

Cut quality. Take a look closely at how the cutter does its work. Cuts clean and smooth or irregular? Add to unity in action, and carefully examine the samples produced on the machine.

With these considerations in mind, youâ € ™ re ready to start looking for a cut for your business. Itâ € ™ s almost If youâ € ™ re not just buy a piece of hardware, but new employee who can handle an amazing variety of tasks. With a cutter, youâ € ™ re not limited only by their imagination.

Printer / Cutters Upa Close
If a cutter has an incredible amount of versatility, a printer / cutting unit bet UPS for print functions was added to the mixture. One unit can produce color images' € "€ usually use inkjet technology" and do all the cutting edge with the same machine.

Use the unit, it is easy to create personalized signs UV resistant ink, and making digital transfers for apparel and other items € "yet can do everything a traditional knife can handle. Of course, these capabilities have a cost: Prices start from £ 6000 to £ 10,000 and upwards.

Objective can be achieved ATA  or call +44 (0) 1376 326351.


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