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anyone knows about sewing machines??

ok, so im starting sewing as a hobby, by making clothes.

i would like to know what kind of sewing machine is good for this.

and i searched on the internet and most of them say 25 stitch or 60 stitch. what does that mean?

and what should the sewing machine include, to be able to start?


You'll really have a much easier time if you can get at least a very basic sewing machine under your belt before buying a machine. Stitch number means the number of types of stitches that machine can do... straight stitch, zigzag stitch, blind hem stitch, blanket stitch, hemstitching, various types of buttonholes. It's usually a bad idea to choose a machine based on the number of stitches per dollar invested -- you'll actually be using straight stitch and zigzag most of the time.

Couture sewing, the really high priced stuff, rarely uses more than straight stitch.

Here starteth my "sewing machine for beginners" sermon:

What I want for beginners in sewing:

- a machine that doesn't scare you
- a machine that isn't balky (cheap new machines are often very
balky or need adjustments often and are rarely repairable --
just too frustrating to learn on!)
- very good straight stitch
- good zigzag (4-5 mm is fine, more than that is gravy)
- a method of making buttonholes that makes sense to you
- adjustable presser foot pressure (which helps some fabric
handling issues)
- accessory presser feet that don't cost an arm and a leg
(machines that use a "short shank foot" typically handle
generic presser feet pretty well. Some brands of machines use
proprietary or very expensive presser feet)

If the budget stretches far enough:

- blindhem and stretch blindhem stitches
- triple zigzag (nice for elastic applications)
- a couple of decorative stitches (you won't use them nearly as
much as you think)
- electronic machine because of the needle position control and
because the stepper motors give you full "punching force" at
slow sewing speeds -- mechanical machines often will stall at
slow speeds.

Please go to the best sewing machine dealers around and ask them
to show you some machines in your price range, *especially* used
machines you can afford. You'll get a far better machine buying
used than new, and a good dealer is worth their weight in sewing
machine needles when you get a machine problem -- often they can
talk you through the problem over the phone. While you're trying
things out, try a couple of machines (sewing only, not combo
sewing-embroidery) over your price limit, just so you can see
what the difference in stitch quality and ease of use might be.
You may find you want to go for the used Cadillac. Or you might
want the new basic Chevy. Might as well try both out.

Suggested reading: John Giordano's The Sewing Machine Book
(especially for used machines), Carol Ahles' Fine Machine Sewing
(especially the first and last few chapters) and Gale Grigg
Hazen's Owner's Guide to Sewing Machines, Sergers and Knitting
Machines. All of these are likely to be available at your public

Used brands I'd particularly look for: Elna, Bernina,
Viking/Husqvarna, Pfaff, Singer (pre 1970), Juki, Toyota

New "bargain brand" I'd probably pick: Janome (who also does

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