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For foster parents, what has your experience been like?

My husband and I are going through the process of getting licensed to foster and eventually would like to adopt one or two of the children who need homes. We do not have any children of our own. I was wondering if you could tell me a little about your experience and if you enjoyed it etc. I know it will be hard to see kids go back home, but I feel like we can handle that together. What else was hard for you? We are doing the 0-3 range to start and may move up to older ones once we get used to it. Thanks!

We are always needing new foster parents. 0-3 is a good age group. My husband and I fostered over 16 older kids, and it was very trying. The older kids say from 7 to 12 have a lot of baggage and issues. We stopped fostering older kids in 2007, and only foster babies. We are on our 7th baby All of our babies have been drug exposed, and one was severely addicted. Fostering is not an easy thing to do, and you don't make money doing it, if anything you spend more of your own money. I have people tell me " I couldn't do what you do. I would become too attached" I tell them if you don't do it who will. Yes its hard, and Yes you do get attached. When the baby leaves you cry. But then 2 days later the phone rings, and another baby arrives. It is all worth it.

This is My Second D.u.i. in 5 Years in Palm Beach County, Florida, What Do I Face

What happens when a driver picks up a second D.U.I. charge in Palm Beach County, Florida within 5 years of the first conviction? Well, I would suggest that you immediately call a competent Florida D.U.I. lawyer because this will not be pleasant.

A driver who picks up a second D.U.I. charge within five years of the first will face enhanced penalties that include a $1,000 fine, 5 years driver's license revocation, 75-100 hours of community service, victim impact panel, advanced D.U.I. School, 30 day immbolization of the vehicle and a minimum mandatory 10 day jail sentence. However, be advised that statutorily the maximum jail sentence on a second is 9 months.

The driver will still be entitled to an administrative hearing and the request for the hearing must still be filed within 10 days of the arrest. Will the Bureau of Administrative Review know that you have a prior D.U.I. conviction? Yes, they will! If the driver is not successful at the administrative hearing then the license will be suspended for 12-18 months. A driver will not be issued a work permit after the administrative suspension has been upheld. Note, this does not contradict what was said in the second paragraph because if you are convicted in court of the second D.U.I. then there is a 5 year driver license revocation. After 1 year passes a driver can apply for a business permit.

So what can be done to defend a second. Hopefully, you helped yourself by refusing to give  a sample of breath. Hopefully, you look good on the videotape. Hopefully, you told the cop you only had two beers. Of course, all the normal motions can be filed and hopefully granted. You can go to trial and the jury can not be told of your prior D.U.I.

I bet you are wondering if the attorney fees are more on a second than a first? Yes, they are!

Again, I leave you with this suggestion, simply do not drink and drive.

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