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What is the difference between reed duffier oil and home fragrance oil?

Can you use the home fragrance oil with reeds or will it not be as fragrant with out the heat of a candle?

I don't really understand your question. A reed diffuser is simply a bottle with a fragrance oil and thin sticks are inserted into the bottle. The reed sticks absorb the oil and diffuse it into the air. I have not seen any that use the heat from a candle. I do prefer a reed diffuser rather than a candle though.

Heavy Scented Candles � understanding you Fragrance Oil

I am sure I am not the only one out there that has wondered why do some Heavy Scented Candles smell more than others. Numerous times I have bought a candle that just smells so wonderfully and then I get it home, light it...and nothing! I ask myself...WHY. It hasn’t mattered if I have spent a ton of money on the candle or very little. Sometimes even the most expensive Heavy Scented Candles scent doesn’t last. Even when it says, "triple scented"...shouldnt that mean that the smell will be so great and will last the entire burn. The answer to that question is NO..And this is why...

The strength of your Heavy Scented Candles is based on the amount of actual fragrance that is contained in the candle. Not based on how many times it has been scented or how much fragrance oil is in the candle. To put this simply, some manufactures are cheap! What they will do is take actual fragrance and will turn it into fragrance oil. This is a necessary step to making candles. However, this is the part that is so important, the quality of the candle is determined by how much actual fragranced is put into the fragrance oil. Actual fragrance is very costly so most companies will not put in very much to keep their costs down. Therefore, sometimes there needs to be larger amounts of the fragrance oil put into the Heavy Scented Candles to achieve that highly scented smell.Some consumers believe that when your Heavy Scented Candles are "triple scented" this will make them smell stronger, however, this is so far from the truth. Manufactures have to triple scent their candles to make the scent exactly what they want. This is because they put such a small amount of actual fragrance into the fragrance oil so if they do not triple scent it, there will be no smell at all. It is funny how manufacturers have put it out there that because it is triple scented you are getting a better quality candle but really...they have had to do this to even get a scent at all.

Heavy Scented Candles should be made by costly ingredients, this will ensure that the actual fragrance put into your candle will smell wonderful and will last the entire burn of the candle. It is important that your candle contain both natural and synthetic ingredients so that the smell will be exactly what the candle describes. Your candle should be scented right from the beginning of the process but adding enough actual fragrance to the fragrance oil that the smell is very strong. Yes, it is more costly, but it produces high quality Heavy Scented Candles that will have a very strong smell that will last the entire burn.

It is a manufactures responsibility to ensure that any Heavy Scented Candles made by them should contain only the finest ingredients. Each and every Heavy Scented Candles should have a smell that will your home feel warm and cozy. As a consumer, you deserve only the best Heavy Scented Candles out there. If you are not sure how your candles are made...ask!

Always remember to keep in mind that quality Heavy Scented Candles are determined not by how much solution is added to the product but rather how much actual fragrance is contained within the entire solution. There is nothing more relaxing in this world that having a candle that smells so yummy and allows your home to feel so warm and inviting.

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