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4 Things You Should Know Freshwater Pearl Jewelry About

Freshwater Pearl Jewelry is probably the most common type of jewelry Pearl sold. People are more familiar with this type and they are more likely to see these sold in normal shops, jewelry stores and high end. To see if you're looking for a set of jewelry freshwater pearls, keep the following four factors in mind.

Origin Freshwater Pearl Jewelry

Today's freshwater pearls are the most mass-produced through pearl farms in China. Unlike other types of beads, freshwater mollusks that live in lakes and rivers. Other types of pearls come from mussels live in the sea salt water /. Freshwater Pearl jewelry is probably the type most accessible of pearl jewelry available and may be more affordable. Big pearl farms located about 300 kilometers from Shanghai have been to produce large quantities of fresh water pearls decades. However, in recent years the emphasis of the amount was changed to the importance quality. This means that only the highest forms of quality, nacre, and sizes have been chosen to create the final pieces of pearls freshwater jewelry sold worldwide.

The size of freshwater pearls

water sweet pearl sizes range from medium to large than usual. The specific steps are generally 4 mm to 11 mm. As mentioned previously, recently, the production of jewelry freshwater pearls has become more on quality than quantity. They will therefore find freshwater pearls more and closer to be identical in size and not before.

Color Jewelry Freshwater Pearl

You can find jewelry of freshwater pearls come in all colors of the rainbow appears. Obviously, however, freshwater pearls are generally considered white or cream with pink and / or shades of green. You can also find freshwater pearls are also, of course, fishing, pink and purple, even. If you find a dark chocolate pearls freshwater pearls or soft water, most often have been treated in this color. But The pearl itself is probably still 100% true, except where noted.

The shapes of freshwater pearls

Freshwater pearls come in a variety of ways as well. Most freshwater pearls are shaped piece, and a button. Most often, saltwater pearls occur in a more circular. Freshwater pearls, however, are only slightly deflected most of the time. But when grouped in the form of balls with them, jewelry freshwater pearls in general, seems just as impressive in the final.

Although freshwater pearls jewelry is usually the least expensive of all types of beaded jewelry, they have strong qualities and characteristics that make them unique and valuable. In addition to the 4 elements we have mentioned, the strength and longevity of the real pearl is much stronger than other types of pearls. This makes the freshwater pearls and jewelry of the value of long-term investments.

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