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What is the best place to purchase freshwater pearls online (to make jewelry with)?

I am starting up a bridal jewelry website, and am looking for the least expensive round freshwater pearls. I get some of my supplies from, but their round pearls are $25-35 a strand. Is there anywhere cheaper?

If you are looking for round pearls you are not looking in the right price range. Even at $25 to $35 per strand in a small size the freshwater pearls are semi-round, not round. True round freshwater pearls will cost you quite a bit more even wholesale. First and second 7-8 mm necklace grade is currently going for around 10000 RMB per kilo in China. Loose gem grade (the truly round material) is closer to 35000 rmb, or close to $200 per strand.

Your price range is in the beading grade range. Those are the pearls you will find from sources like Fire Mountain Gems, Integrity Pearls and Bella Findings.

There is a community of beaders on the forum at They would probably be happy to help you find more sources of pearls.

Affordable Multi-colored Freshwater Pearls Provide Glamour

When it comes to buying the exclusive and special gift for someone you love, you can't go wrong with buying them any type of jewelry made out of multi-colored freshwater pearls. A freshwater pearl necklace is an ideal gift to make her feel that she is the special one just like this incredible gift. As there are no two multi-colored freshwater pearls that are just alike, each piece of jewelry that you find is going to be a one of a kind piece that no other female in the world will posses. Pearls have always been considered the choice of cultured women and merely putting on a pearl necklace will make her feel like a queen Freshwater pearls are not made by oysters as majority people believe. The process of making fresh water pearls is same as normal pearls are made, except mussels are used. Cultured freshwater pearls are nurtured in rivers all over the earth. The US and Japan are the largest producers of cultured freshwater pearls and US cultivates freshwater pearls on its huge farms along the Mississippi. The great attraction of freshwater pearls is the range of colors that they come in, from pinks, oranges, mauves and golden to any blend of these. Perhaps the most beautiful are the "black" pearls which are dark in color and iridescent so that they reflect many different colors as you turn them in the light. These are thought to be the more known of the multi-colored freshwater pearls and are made into many different types of jewelry from little pieces such as rings and earrings, to bigger ones such as beautiful bracelets and beautiful necklaces. Several companies manufacturing pearls gather similar sized pearls from thousands that are manufactured to create beautiful jewelry like earrings, bracelets and necklaces that give a complete look in the woman. Once the pearls are arranged, they have to be drilled so as to make the jewelry. In order that pearl necklaces last longer and look amazingly prettier, these are beaded in a single silk thread with a knot in between as this also prevents them from rubbing against eachother. Another reason for the knots between each pearl is to keep the wearer from losing each pearl if the strand was to break. If the string used to bead the pearls in pearl necklace breaks by chance, then only a single pearl will fall from the necklace and other pearls will stay intact. Silk thread is very strong and barely ever splits which is one of the factors why they use it for pearls, but it is even very thin and unobtrusive so that the attraction can be on the pearls instead of the thread. The jewelry companies pre-stretch it before using it so that it won't wear out in time. They work attentively to complement the pearls in size, shape, tone and color as the more perfectly complemented it is, the more worth the necklace holds. Freshwater pearls are truly attractive as there are several colors available and these are actually quite inexpensive. With a lot of various patterns and sizes, you get several different looks with these pearls, also. That makes them even more interesting as jewelry. Regardless of the occasion you are buying her a strand of multi-colored freshwater pearls, you are definite to make her feel happy. Freshwater pearl necklaces have a way into a woman's heart like very little other jewelry have because they provide a beautiful and classic look that is not too flashy. They dress up the plainest dress or accent an attractive evening gown, making them a unique piece of jewelry to wear everywhere and for any occasion. The elegance and style that freshwater pearls offer will truly make others envy and your woman will really feel proud as every other woman is talking about her alluring pearl jewelry.

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Multi-colored freshwater pearls make great gifts and Mandini Pearls offers a full range of jewelry. Their selection includes bracelets, earrings and even freshwater pearl necklaces.


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