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Looking for T & T a company that sells fabric and fringe trim, your needs, please address?

I bought a sample book representative, who will not return my calls for an order!

Are you sure it's not T & R website? 213 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY right or not?

Narrow Fabrics

bands (sometimes called â € ~ € ™ small goods) are no more than 48 textile cm wide and 2 seams. Examples include ribbon cut, elastic, ribbon, ribbon, lace, lace, ribbons, etc..

There are basically two types of narrow fabrics based on how they manufactured. If a fabric width is less than 12 inches and constructed using the techniques of tissue, known as narrow fabrics (Eg webbing).  But if the fabric is prepared by cutting the fabrics of width and crimp the edges to form bands (eg, tapes, tapes), then they are called thermoplastic tapes.

A band can also be done using a flame treatment, welding, the resin treatment, the release silicon, stiff, starch, coloring to make a texture to promote a better quality and better


 For a good edge, no shuttle trades are not used. The special looms used needle trades normally, but the shuttle trades are used in some specialized requirement. These trades are used technique of filling and interlaced chain may have several strips that are woven by hand in the same profession.

Equipment used

A narrow woven fabrics are made with many types of materials such as cotton (for belts, suspenders, fuses, cables, etc.), satin (for strings, ribbons, etc.) Polyester (For tapes, belts, etc.), Teflon (for strips), rubber (for the band, cord), leather (for belts, ropes), jute (for straps) nylon (for belts, braces, etc.) and cereals (for ornaments and fringes).


A set implementation of narrow fabrics, ranging from simple initial application (for a look of furniture, bedding and mattress straps, etc.) for industrial applications more complex (vehicle safety belts, etc.)

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