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What is the new t shirt making machine called.. from the creator of the machine Cricut? It's on infomercial?

It's on infomercials.

I'm not sure if its make by the Cricut Cutter people, but I have seen an informercial for a t-shirt maker called "YuDu".

Jo-Ann Crafts sells it as well:

A 'Design Studio For Cricut' Book - When the Manual Isn't Enough

If you're a scrapbooking fiend, you'll have heard of the Cricut. Even if you're just beginning to explore this most popular hobby, you might have come across some reference to this best loved die cutting tool of the scrapper. It was great day when they came out with the Cricut Design Studio, which allowed you to hook your Cricut up to your computer, giving you access to every image in the Cricut library. Suddenly thousands of shapes, fonts, letters, and phrases were right at your fingertips.

Much has been written in praise of the Cricut. Book after book has been devoted to helping the dedicated scrapbook fan make the most of this tool, offering tips, tricks and design ideas. But when it comes to Design Studio, possibly the best product marketed by the creators of the cricut, book help can seem pretty scarce. But the fact is, as helpful as DS is to the scrapbooking process, the manual that comes with it is pretty thin on explanations.

The relative complexity of Design Studio is what makes it such a worthwhile program. It allows the scrapbooker to do amazing things that would have taken hours of manual labor before, if it could even be done at all. Wouldn't you love to know how to:

  • Eliminate having to search through cartridge after cartridge, looking for just the right shape?
  • Re-use scrap cardstock by being able to position the cutting precisely where you need it on the mat?
  • Manipulate images and letters into the EXACT shape for your immediate need?
  • Weld an image inside of a frame?
  • Create shadows?
  • Use multiple layers and cutting mats in one project?

You can. All those things and more are possible with this great software. But lacking help in the accompanying manual, you must put your project on hold while you scour the Internet in search of an answer, or spend hours in trial and error poking at the software to force it to give up its secrets. Your frustration level can rise while your precious scrapbooking time is eaten away. Yes, it's a wonderful thing, Design Studio for Cricut; a book actually explaining how to use the darn thing would be even better.

Scrapbooking is fun. At least, it's supposed to be. You want the tools you spend your money on to make your life easier, and allow you to turn out the masterpieces you saw in your head with a minimum of effort. You want to cherish the memories you're preserving, not associate them with the hours of trouble and frustration you had to go through to get them on paper.

Books are always a good investment of time and money in the long run. The hours, days, even weeks spent in gathering the bits of disparate information to solve a single problem will only take away from the already limited time you have to spend on your favorite hobby. There are many excellent books on scrapbooking in general, and now you can find help to teach you advanced techniques for Design Studio, as well as other Cricut book tutorials.

About the Author

Stop pulling your hair out over Design Studio software for your Cricut. Book help has arrived! From start to startlingly good, your project will not only be slick but finished quick when you get the help you need to understand the greatest design program out there. The right book can take the crap out of scrapbooking. Visit Kerry and see!


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