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where do i find free quilt patterns and instructions?

One of the most extensive sources of "free" patterns can be found at The patterns are for individual blocks, but they all show illustrations of the blocks used in multiples to make a quilt.

Many of the fabric manufacturers (Moda, Hoffman of California, Robert Kaufman, Michael Miller, Benartex, Andover and RJR Fabrics) have websites where you can find free patterns, too.

You can also search the internet using "free quilt patterns." There are thousands of sites.

Beware -- it's habit forming (as is collecting fabric)!

This is a collection of mattresses, Select Comfort products. This option offers cheap mattress for firmness control 1 to 100 that can be changed by a touch button.

Classic Series

  • C2 Sleep Number bed - priced at $ 999 SRP (Queen bed systems), adjustable design of the tube has a big rave on consumer feedback, because it gives control to the sweetness of the bed or on the strength of its users. The bed is a stylish 8-inch plush mattress wrapped in a breathable fabric soft to the touch knitted. The product is durable and easy to move.
  • C3 Sleep Number - A 9 "style armed with a firm mattress Plush best digital control system for easy adaptation to favorite comfort. As C2 is covered with a knitted soft to the touch, plus a additional layer of border support. Priced at only $ 1299.98 SRP, this mattress offers is the first digital control Select Comfort Classic Series.
  • sleep, sleep C4 - The mat is covered with breathable knit super pertussis 10 inches thick, while adopting style European element type of pillow for comfort in bed. The edges are protected by a layer of ½ inch with 5 zones convenience only. Control the softness or firmness is made easy with the digital capacity wireless remote, you start a price of $ 1599.98 SRP.
  • Sleep Number Special Edition Classic Series - This bed is available, a double bed size is normally priced at 1899.98 (SRP), but currently sells for $ 1299.98. (PRS) may appeal the $ 500 rebate until January 17, 2011. As C4, the bed is 10 mm when fully inflated. This product is packed in a velvety sleep surface is constructed with a layer of comfort ½ Intralux which has three sides by area. moisture stuffing bit DryRest call is used as an additional feature to prevent accumulation of moisture. It offers more comfort than the padding standard, because the new design can drag the humidity of 40% air chambers that receive good reviews consumer mattresses.

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