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How should you put together a glass pendant like this?

I've been browsing some websites and I found a type of glass cabochon that I would really like to make. I already have the glass, kiln, and other materials to make purely glass pendants but I wanted to adhere a picture to the glass as well.


These are examples of what I'm talking about. I'm not sure if I should just glue the picture on or I fuse it into the glass in the kiln.

I'm not sure about the images on the first link which seem to be on top of the glass, but the second and third links just show a photo (or print/copy/magazine image/patterned paper, etc) glued to the back side of the glass.
Those are done fairly commonly these days with purchased glass "pebbles" or various other flat-backed glass shapes (usually with E-6000 glue). They're often made into magnets as well.

Here are some lessons/photos, etc.:

Some people also use a 2-part epoxy resin over the image or in a cell/bezel of some kind, rather than using glass, to create a similar look for jewelry, etc.

(You wouldn't be able to put a photograph in your kiln because paper will burn at about 450 F, and many of the paper's coatings could burn at even lower temps.)


Diane B.

Hand Crafted Glass Jewelry Online

Making anything hand crafted takes great time, knowledge, passion, and care. In the same way a Chef can cook the best meal you have ever tasted, or a Architect can build the most amazing house you've ever seen, a jeweler that makes hand crafted jewelry undoubtedly will make it the best hand crafted jewelry you have ever laid eyes on. Most of these jewelers use something called "Dichroic Glass". It was first advanced by NASA in the 1950's and 1960's and was used it in satellite mirrors. This glass contains multiple layers of different oxides; silver, titanium, chromium, aluminum, zirconium, magnesium, and silicon. This is done through a vacuum process.

Because of the way the glass is refined and fused scientifically through firings, the result is a piece of glass that is always unique in shape, and color. No two are the same. This is as authentic as it gets! This glass can be made into many different types of jewelry for example pendants, earrings, chains, bangles, cuff links, rings, bracelets and much more. Some of these pieces are absolutely amazing. The colorization is just beautiful, this is something you're really going to want to check out!

Before NASA used Dichroic Glass however and before Dichroic Glass was used for glass fusing and jewelry, it was used in Egypt and Mesopotamia back as late as 4500 BC and 3000 BC. They used this fused glass to make bowls, jewelry, and detailed wall tiles.

The word Dichroic actually is derived from two Greek root words, "di" for two and "chroma" for color. So "Dichroic" literally means "two-colored." Obviously the way glass is fused now however it is more than just two simple colors. A piece of Dichroic hand crafted glass jewelry can have anywhere from one to dozens upon dozens of colors ranging from greens and blues to reds and oranges. You can find some really artsy patterns with a smattering of colors down to a green colorization that has the look of a green emerald.

As far as I can tell for all the work that goes into these pieces, they sure aren't costly, and are affordable for almost everyone. Try searching for things like "Dichroic Glass jewelry", "Dichroic Glass" or get more specific and do a search for exactly what you want "Dichroic Glass pendants". These sites are just about everywhere on and offline. I was in Florida last year staying in a beach house by the ocean, and there was this really cute shopping area with all kinds of really unique stores. One store had these Dichroic Glass Jewels in the store, I swear they look even more fantastic in person than in a picture. They almost have the look of being painted. It's a real sight to see. Every color you could possibly imagine exists with in these pieces of jewelry. The next time you're searching for a gift for your mom, aunt, sister, daughter or whomever, this would be a great idea to make them feel really special!

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