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What do these abbr. on my natural stone/gemstone beads mean?

I just made a trip to the bead store and bought a few strands of natural stone beads. The following appreviations were written on the tags to indicate the stone type. I don't recognize them. Anyone know what they mean?

PES - Could be Peridot Stone (Stone of sun) Not too sure though
PJ - Picture Jasper (Stone of Vision)
TI - Tiger Iron (Stone of Energy Renewal)
BQ - Black Quartz (Stone of Attunement)
YT - Yellow Tourmaline (Stone of Life Force)

The only one I'm not too sure about is PES.

Strand Necklaces Jewelry

strand necklaces still be a popular jewelry, the styles are more compact than we’ve seen in wholesale jewelry market, When surf the Internet, you’ll still see pictures of celebrities wearing Strand Necklaces. they’re often super heavy, chunky designs. jewelry they’re wearing today may be on retail racks in coming seasons.

strand necklaces with multiple chains, often strung with charms beads form the strand necklaces, strand necklaces are one version of the jewelry necklace style. Just as popular jewelry multi-gemstone stranded necklaces made from gems beads of varying shapes, colors and sizes. The necklaces in this collection are ready for layere necklaces. Take your jewelry box and stack a few necklaces around your neck. Do you like the jewelry style?

Two strand necklaces

Two strand necklaces are easy to make. You just make sure that the two strands have the correct length so that they fall one next to the other without having a wide separation in between

Three-Strand Necklace

The three-strand necklace is a more substantial jewelry necklace that looks nice with any beads you choose. Smaller beads adviced to work with when making first three-strand necklace. You can make one with a multi-strand jewelry clasp.

Multiple Strand Necklaces

A multistrand beaded necklace is a beaded necklaces with more than one bead strand on the same clasp , Make multiple strand necklace as many strands of the necklace as you would like. Most women prefer a Four-Strand Pearl Necklace,choose the length you are most comfortable with. The strands can be different lengths so they so they will hang at different levels when worn, or they can be similar lengths and braided together to let the beads intermingle as if part of one rope.

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