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Wheres a good website to buy semi-precious beads?

I'm looking for higher end semi-precious- precious gemstone beads at good prices... Examples are, prehnite, topazes, lemon quartz, sleeping beauty turquoise.. Preferable shapes like briolettes and faceted teardrops.. I've tried firemountain gems already their selection isn't big for these and I'm not sure if they offer good prices for them...

There is more to gemstone jewelry than just being a fashion trend

Gemstone Jewelry: Beauty and style that goes beyond trends.

Gemstone jewelry is currently a hot fashion trend so if you love to wear it, now is the time. Models are now showing off gemstone and bead necklaces and bracelets, worldwide; the bigger the better. Today's society is embracing the natural and organic and that is why more and more people are becoming interested in genstone jewelry. Getting back to nature both nutritionally and cosmetically seems to be beneficial for everyone.Gemstone jewelry will make your outfit complete.

onyx, amethyst, tourmaline, and the various shades of jade are the gemstones in popular demand. The cut of these and another gemstones should also be kept in mind. Oval and round cuts are considered more traditional and they are certainly still available but many people are beginning to yearn for a more ornate cut such as checkerboard or teardrop. Surprisingly, there are new gemstone cuts that surpass the brilliance of traditional ones.

But there's more than just style to consider in selecting the right gemstone. It is said that the wearer of each stone receives a significant meaning and power. A few people select wearing the stone which represents the month they were born in or the sign that they might be born under. Regardless of whether one wears gemstones for fashion or superstition, they definitely are beautiful pieces of artwork that everyone should own and wear proudly around their neck, wrist, or ears to show off to the world.

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