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I purchasedsome land in Bulgaria some time ago and got ful planning and building consent for three linked vill?

s and a pool .I now find that I need to raise some money does any one out there know how I can find a genuine investor willing to buy a half share for £ 35k.and fund the building costs to the tune of 150k The land has a superb location with sea and coastal views and is 5Min's from sandy beaches and the top seaside resort Albena.


If in this current worldwide financial & real estate meltdown you can find anyone interested in investing in land in Bulgaria of all places I will truly be amazed. I have heard many disheartening stories about 'capitalism' and 'government' from there.

I honestly wish you the best of luck and have absolutely no idea where you could look - but Yahoo Answers is worth a try.

Sun, Sea, Sky, And Nerja: Why Travel To Nerja, Spain Is A Must

No tour of Europe is complete without an interlude in Spain. Whether you are touring Europe for the summer or are simply there for a week, Spain is one country you should include on your itinerary. Watch the running bulls of Pamplona. Party the night away on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza. Gape in wonder at the old masters gracing the walls of centuries-old museums in Barcelona and Madrid. Study the impressive architecture of Valencia and Seville. Or, commune with sun, sea, and sky in the little town of Nerja.

The vibrant little coastal town, Nerja, lies at the foot of the Sierre Almijara, Andalusia. Here, mountains plunge straight into the crystal clear sea and coastlines jut proudly against an backdrop of sea and sky.

What is there to see in Nerja?

If there is one thing Nerja overflows with, its beauty. It has the best climate in the whole Costa del Sol, and as you walk through the town, you will encounter sights that will take your breath away. It has miles and miles of verdant countryside and strips upon strips of pristine beaches. The town has remained miraculously untouched by highrises and skyscrapers, and there are very few holiday lodging options available save for villas. The villas in Nerja, Spain may not be able to hold a candle to the opulence of European hotels and resorts, but they are scenic and historic. The town itself retains much of the flavor and spirit of its traditional village atmosphere. In fact, tucked behind the mountains of Nerja is a beautifully preserved, white-washed village of Frigiliana, which shows very little traces of the passing of centuries.

At the heart of Nerja is a magnificent promenade along the edge of a towering cliff. Called the Balcony of Europe, the promenade offers a sweeping view of the Mediterranean and the small coves and beaches that lie below. On it had once stood a great Moorish castle.

Staying at Villas in Nerja, Spain

The best way to experience the quaint charms of this picturesque little town is to get your own villa. Whether bought or rented, villas in Nerja, Spain will give travelers like yourself an authentic taste of all things genuinely Spanish. The villas in Nerja, Spain are representative of the village's charming architecture and would, thus, give you a sampling of traditional village life at its simplest and most historic.

There is a wide selection of villas in Nerja, Spain for those who need a home, whether temporary or permanent. Many of these come with panoramic views of the sea. A one-bedroom apartment can accommodate two people and go for $350 to $500 a month. A spacious four-room villa may command $335 a week during off peak seasons and $737 during peak seasons.

Many sites online give you the option of renting villas in Nerja, Spain directly from the owners themselves or through an agency. A quick look at sites like will yield useful information about the villas in Nerja, Spain, including pricing, location, and apartment details.

In the end, though, it doesn't matter which booking option you choose. What matters is that you sojourn in Spain. Spain is a must for the adventure seeker, the wine sipper, the history aficionado, and the art connoisseur.

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