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can i put a girl black bear hamster in the same cage of a dwarf hamster and have them mate?

i have a girl black bear hamster and my neighbor has a boy dwarf hamster. we want to have them mate and we are not sure if they can or not...
please help!

No! They will fight!
And the mother will possibly see something wrong with her babies and eat them or abandon them even if it does work out!
And because the black bear hamster is bigger and a female she will hurt or kill the male. They will get territorial!

Teddy Bears and Imaginations

Fictional teddy bears have been around longer than any of us and have a very dear part in all of our memories. From our very own teddy bears to those fictional ones we watched every morning, there is always something we remember about them. There were many cartoons that were based off of teddy bears from Winnie the Pooh to The Berenstein Bears. 

Teddy bears can create a lot of imagination, which is probably why author A. A. Milne was able to come up with the Winnie the Pooh stories. Winnie the Pooh was actually one of the teddy bears in his son, Christopher Robin's room. However, the actual teddy bear was a girl named Winnipeg. Even though the teddy bears that represent Winnie the Pooh are a bright yellow, that is nothing near what the original looked like, with stiff arms that moved up and down and didn't wear a red shirt.

Brer Bear lived in the forest as a farmer with his wife and children and he always had to chase away wolves. There aren't too many teddy bears that resemble Brer Bear, however if there were I could picture that southern accent if they made him talk. The original storyteller, Uncle Remus had a very southern accent, so much that when he said brother it sounded like Bre'r. This bear dates all the way back to 1919 when he first made his debut in cartoon.

Do you recall the teddy bears that read stories out of a book to you? I remember my dear old Teddy Ruxpin, he was the best out of all my teddy bears. Teddy Ruxpin was created back in the 80s and would be recreated four times before all the flaws were fixed, however this wouldn't stop kids from loving these fictional teddy bears.

Paddington bear was a fictional teddy bear that always went on adventures and got himself in some sort of trouble. This teddy bear was originally bought by a couple that thought he needed a home, later he would be written into stories by the owner and become a big part in cartoons. Paddington teddy bears all wear a worn hat and carries around a suitcase for his travels.

Berenstein Bears were a fictional bear family with a mother, father, brother and sister bear. They all lived in a tree house and storylines that related to real families, such as eating junk food, telling lies, bullies, first day of school and many other issues that children could relate too.

As you can see fictional teddy bears have been along for a while and will be here for many more years to come. Do you remember any fictional teddy bears that weren't mentioned here? Think back to a time when everything was innocent and all about teddy bears and you'll get that warm feeling once again, even if it is cold outside.

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