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How to Help Your Little Girl Decorate Her Bedroom

Kids are used to imitating people's actions. They are also observant of things that are happening around them. It is not surprising, therefore, that an early age they already wish to do things they are not completely capable of doing.

As a mom, it is your duty to assist your child or your daughter in accomplishing some activities. It provides not only a sense of accomplishment to her, but also a bonding time for you and your daughter. One of the first things that you can help your girl with is decorating her room. Because she is aware that she owns the room, this is the only part of the house where she feels the freedom to do whatever she wishes. How do you start and end in helping your daughter decorate her bedroom?

Ask her first about her plans and needs. Will she require hang-in-the-wall frames? Will she use her own pictures for these frames? What colors does she want for her room? Will she use cartoon characters?

Once you have her whole idea or vision on how to decorate her bedroom, you can start moving as her assistant, and your daughter, the leader. She will lead you to what you will do. Well, that will be the case since her capacity to do some jobs is limited. She can only move or carry small furniture, like her chair. She can paint the wall, but only to a certain height and you can expect uneven strokes (make sure that she has a face mask when doing this). If she prefers to paper the walls, assign her in the lower part of the walls. Do it the first time and then ask her to copy what you just did. So, apparently, what she can do most is to tell you how to do things.

If she has no idea yet, bring her to a home improvement store. Show her all stuffs she can use, explain to her their uses, and from there, she will be able to tell you what she likes to do in her bedroom.

You can also provide inputs. If you feel your design is better than her, explain it to her. Your little girl will surely understand. If she will be displaying her pictures in the room, ask her to choose the pictures she prefers to display.

You can also use your creativity to come up with unique displays. Or, you can bring out the artist in her by asking her what kinds of displays she can do from your materials - colored papers, pieces of woods, color pens, strings, and many more.
After coming up with a newly-decorated room, do not forget to praise your daughter. Show her how you appreciated her works and, especially, her ideas. She will surely feel a sense of accomplishment. Better yet, reward her for all the things that she had done by treating her to a nice dinner. Of course, make sure the table has her favorite meals.

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