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Should I date this girl or remain friends because of complicated situations?

So I'm going to college several hours away and distance long relationship does not work so well because I would not be able to give everything that I think deserves time, attention, affection, etc.. However, I can not bear to be away and I think she feels the same. "It would be irresponsible to start a relationship in the summer and see if it lasts in college when it starts? Or should follow the specifications, it is better have loved and lost than never loved at all and move forward with a relationship? They also fear that destroy our friendship if you feel the same way or if it ends badly. I really value his friendship, because we helped each other through difficult times. I do not want to hurt him or start something that I know will end soon, but none of us can bear to be separated. What is your idea?

I leave it alone for now, you may want to rush this, it seems fair because it's summer and not much else to do. If friendship means a lot, enjoy, and drop tracks to their affection. It's a long road to true love and want to get the correct base. Go time her as a friend and very very slowly to see if it responds to his affection. Good luck.

Why Boys Girls Get more injuries than playing football?

Usually men have a higher rate of fat to muscle than in women after puberty, which is just one reason why their bodies can better tolerate the rigors of contact sports like football. The highest level of testosterone men naturally adds muscle to the force, while girls with high levels of estrogen are generally more flexible which makes your ligaments more flexible. If an advantage in some sports, this flexibility makes women a higher risk of injury in football because their muscles at low rates fat is less able to keep your joints stable and secure position.

Women should also train a lot harder to obtain similar physical strength, an advantage that men enjoy naturally. Such wear and tear can make women's bodies at risk injury. painful injuries such as rupture of anterior cruciate ligament of the knee can cause a life. "The girls are playing football also more likely to suffer chronic knee pain , periostitis and tibial stress fractures. They are also more prone to ankle sprains and hip and back. Long-term problems include arthritis pain .

Women also move differently from men, in a more upright position and flexed unless it can increase tension during actions such as changes direction rapidly, the destination of jumps and contact with the body. The difference in the design of the hips in women can be another risk factor.

Regarding prevention, women should accept their bodies are naturally different from men and to understand how it affects them when they choose to play football. Cross training is an option. Swimming, exercise non-weight bearing helps strengthen muscles Effortlessly hip, knee.

Warming up before the appropriate training and supports compression using joint maintain the correct position of the knee / ankle is essential for all athletes. In fact, far infrared therapy compatible compression garments as well as therapy and perhaps the key thermomedic to prevent long-term, debilitating injuries for athletes all disciplines and ages.

The diet is essential, especially since a very young age. Medical research shows, even in male soccer players, more injuries now than previous generations because of a lower quality diet and activity physics. This means that our body is less robust, making it adequate protection in common high priority.

Choosing clothes designed orthopedic treatment, obtain specialized medical care and allow adequate rest after an injury is vital, but neglected issues. As a parent or a coach who can positively reinforce all these questions to their daughters. Consider hiring a team physiotherapist Sports evaluate each player for optimum performance and injury prevention.

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Gloria Chang is a published author who has researched natural, drug-free treatments for arthritic pain. Chang studied science at the University of Sydney. She has over 30 years of professional experience & gained her degree in textiles and fibre technology and has extensively lectured at college. Her research has led her to write numerous papers on therapeutic health care, applications for medical textiles, pain, carpal tunnel and arthritis treatments. Chang has extensively researched the therapeutic health care benefits of far infrared therapy.

You can get the latest medical research & information on the therapeutic benefits of far infrared thermal therapy from You’ll find great tips on choosing the best, most effective therapy garments for you at You are welcome to suggest topics for discussion or request articles written exclusively for your site.


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