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do you know some cool trip-hop music?

I am looking for input on what cool trip-hop/electronica stuff is out there. Here is a list of my favorites:
DJ Shadow - Midnight in a Perfect World
Thievery Corporation - Glass Bead Game
Irresistible Force - Lie-In King
MC 900 Ft Jesus - The City Sleeps
King of Woolworths - To the Devil a Donut
Tortoise - Lithium Stiffs
Tosca - Rondo Acapricio
Radiohead - Climbing Up the Walls [Zero 7 Mix]
Art of Noise - Donna
Air - "Moon Safari" and "Virgin Suicides" albums
I'm looking for more stuff like that. Thanks for your input.

Judging from the above list you may enjoy the following:

Portishead - "Dummy" and "Portishead"
Funkstorung - "Appendix" (will be released within the next month)
Thom Yorke - "Eraser"
Jazzanova - "Home Cooking"
Dextro - "Consequence Music"
Various - "Pop Ambient 2007"

Beaded Bracelet Brilliance

Any fashion expert would agree that last summer’s hottest trend was all things metallic! From metallic gladiator sandals to nail polish, bronze shimmer, golden headbands, clutches, and earrings, no one could escape the season’s most popular trend. Even though summer is nothing more than a memory and the crisp season of Autumn has finally arrived, the metallic trend has managed to stick around—especially when it comes to jewelry. Silver and gold are the most popular materials for jewelry from earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Like any woman, chances are that you picked up some metallic items during the craze. Some of these accessories make sense for fall and some do not. This fall, you should ditch the metallic gladiators and clutch and opt for metallic earrings while tying in the greens, browns, and oranges of Autumn. Better yet, why not embrace an entirely different genre of jewelry—beaded Jewelry! Beads, historically, have been found in ancient civilizations as a form of jewelry and continue to remain prevalent adapting to the changing styles of fashion.

In comparison to other jewelry trends, it seems to me that beaded jewelry does not get enough use by most women! Beaded jewelry is less popular on the whole even though they can be just as elegant as any other kind of jewelry. You should be thinking more of glass beads than plastic beads which can look very cheap. If you choose plastic necklaces or bracelets, you will end up looking like you are still in middle school. Pearls and mother of pearl is also considered a type of bead, but I tend to classify pearls differently than other beaded jewelry. Of course, beaded necklaces and bracelets can be worn layered or alone. Celebrities like Demi Moore and Miley Cyrus have been known to sport beaded jewelry quite often. Even the first lady, Michelle Obama, has been seen wearing long beaded necklaces. You can try beaded necklaces that are short or long. However, a long draping necklace will lengthen your body and make you look taller. If height is not an issue for you, then try a beautiful beaded necklace that lies on the collar bone and draws attention to your face.

Don’t forget that beaded bracelets are immensely popular and cute as well, but don’t pair too many beaded bracelets with a too many beaded necklaces. Personally, I wouldn’t even wear a beaded necklace with a matching beaded bracelet. These days it’s all about mixing and matching your clothes and jewelry to make something new and interesting that makes a statement about who you are. So have some fun and mix up your metallic accessories with some beaded bracelets and necklaces!



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