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How do I fit the beading that holds the glass in a UPVC window frame?

I've tried clipping it and snapping it into place, but it won't go.
I'm afraid to tap it with a hammer in case I miss and break the glass.
Any suggestions or tips?

not easy if never done before,you have to twist and slide,and yes tap with rubber hammer,but if not fitted right,glass falls out,easier to get someone to show you, hope this helps

Designer Beaded Jewelry For Men Only

Being unique with designer beaded jewelry, whether it is beaded watches, beaded bracelets or necklaces, definitely will make a bold fashion statement.  Men love to be trendy, sophisticated and stylish.  Beaded jewelry will accomplish this desire.

Designer beaded jewelry is not only for women, but for men also.  Men are attracted to the organic colors and materials that are usually associated with the making of designer beaded jewelry.  Men like to be unique and strut their fashion.  Sometimes I believe more so than women.  And if you are looking for a unique gift for that special man in your life designer beaded jewelry is perfect.

The men’s jewelry mostly consists of beaded watches, beaded bracelets and necklaces.    These you will find are the most common accessories that men will wear.  Look in the magazines and on the internet and you will find photos of celebrities adorning beaded jewelry.  You will see beads worn by men in a variety of ways.  And I will tell you, they wear them well.

Earth tones are the most common colors you will find men wearing such as brown, black, gray, some deeper red, orange and copper.  These are paired with materials like gold and silver chains, leather and magnetic materials used for bracelets.

Handmade beads can be customized to fit whatever look you want.  If you don’t make the beads yourself you can find a designer who will be glad to accommodate your desires.  You will find many colors shapes and sizes to appeal to the male gender.  Birthstones along with other gemstones are excellent additions to a beaded bracelet or necklace.  Quartz for instance is popular.   Wood beads, glass beads and shells also appeal to the masculine side of fashion.

Designer beaded watches are jumping into the fashion scene.  Although they are more common now, they are still unique and fashionable to wear.  Styles range from hanging out with the guys to dressing for a night out.  Whatever the occasion, designer beaded jewelry is the perfect gift for the fashion savvy man.

About the Author

I keep my eye on fashion and beauty for men and for women. Trends are always changing in the jewelry industry. If you would like to keep up on designer beaded jewelry then visit PS Designer Beaded Jewelry and Accessories.


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