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nobody knows the value of jewelry? please help!?

Hello, I have this very heavy, important piece of jewelry fantasy that is Turkey. is 18 "long, is made of heavy glass beads, dark amber and has 25 authentic pieces in Turkish as part of beautification. It is very beautiful and ornate, but it's not really "me" I have hopes of selling. Evaluation nobody knows anything about Turkish jewelry or someone can tell me a site might be able to help me? Please reply as soon as you can because I'm borrowing my friend's laptop. Thanks!

I do not know jewelry from Turkey, but can use a belt if you can not sell? (I guess it's a necklace.)

Where to find online Belly Dance Scarf

belly dance scarves can be found online at and Can also be found in,,,,, and belly

Belly dance is a popular form of dance known from the Middle East. It is also called for Arab dance. This dance form has been particularly popular for women as it has become a great form of exercise, reduced osteoporosis, increased respiration and circulation, strengthens the cardiovascular system and burn calories. Another thing about belly dancing that became popular is their colorful dress and Eastern - Hip scarves, veils, shoes and accessories. If you are looking for belly dance scarves, lies in the following online shops: Lila started since 1995 and is the first belly dance costumes and accessories site. It has been offering a large inventory of authentic costumes belly dancing and accessories are manufactured with pride in the Middle East ideal for professional dancers, belly start or leisure. Costumes and much colors and sizes available.

With Category Belly dance accessories, you can find belly dancing scarves in various designs, shapes, colors and sizes. You can choose rectangular piece of hip scarves or triangular piece of hip scarves. These types of scarves belly dancing has the coins metal and beads sewn on it. Available colors are orange, white, yellow, fuchsia and red. Prices range from $ 25 - $ 55 (exclusive of shipping). You can also choose hip scarves accounts rectangular or triangular hip scarves accounts. These rates are high quality scarves and decorated with beads glass. Available colors are turquoise, pink, blue, purple, yellow and red. Prices range from $ 25 - $ 75 (exclusive of shipping).

This online shop has belly dancing the largest collection of hip scarves. They have tons of designs, colors and sizes for you. They also Part hip scarves account Hip, hip scarf scarves wave Crescent hip, hip scarves and said multi-point and much more. Most of their prices are lower $ 50.

other online stores where you can find belly dancing scarves:


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