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Cocktail table decorations?

Hello, regarding the establishment of a formal dinner table down on a cocktail theme, I'm lost ideas. im having luxury cocktail glasses and cocktail umbrellas, but I'm not sure what I can do. Im thinking maybe the color theme of pink / orange / lime green. Is there something that I really do with the rest of the table? i should address the cocktail glasses in sugar or salt, or leave it be? im used two cocktails to dinner - sex margaritas on the beach, which will be discussed in jars. nothing special I can do with ice? im also gives each guest on arrival, a point of wear and therefore retain (For example, every woman will be given accounts to use at night). any idea what you can use for this? I wanted to give something for the men and women, but keep enough cheap. To thank you all for your help

Nice Sounds

fabulously impressive for the wedding day Flores

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Planning a wedding is not easy - Like a puzzle, all pieces must fall together to make the whole picture. The wedding flowers are often not only the beautiful background of the image, but as part of the center table itself and it is important that they adapt perfectly to all other components of the wedding.

So where start planning the perfect wedding flowers? A good starting point is to make a list of flowers that are likely to need. While each wedding is unique the first areas to consider are: fresh flowers or silk, color, theme, bouquets, headdresses, buttonholes, parents, grandparents, daughter flower, ring bearer, pull, amending the corridor arrangement, reception desks, girlfriends and buddies Central.

When choosing your flowers in mind that, if traditional flowers each year, new trends and species available. A florist is something that helps the choice of styles, colors and trends should not only your budget but also your personality. Your florist should listen and advise on flowers and arrangements that suits you best and place.

When you begin your search for the "good" flowers for the day you can be overwhelmed by the vast choice. Your florist should assist and guide how to make the right decision for you. A perfect flower for an outdoor wedding, the tropical Anthirium - from Hawaii - is available in a wide variety of colors such as pink, white, red, green and purple. You will also find that the inclusion of color combinations: pink / blush cheeks, coral / orange and rainbow. Proteas is another versatile option - available in a variety of species and sizes - King Proteas be an ideal choice for the room or change the arrangement.

Ideal for a modern bride, another impressive and versatile flower is the tropical Heliconia. With appearance petals and strong Heliconia comes in shades of purple, red, fuchsia, orange and coral.

Among other favorites fabulous tropical bird of paradise flower - with his "rich purple and orange birds of paradise adds elegance to any wedding, regardless of the specific color. Always People, the orchid, with its "delicate floral arrangements will make impressive parts center.

Many brides today want to leave "outside the box with your wedding flowers. They want something different, never seen before. We welcome your ideas and suggestions for your florist - a creative florist should be able to work with you to build something really special and unique for you and your day special. The playful character of wedding flowers today is that almost anything goes - from different colors, textures and materials are increasingly seen together in the modern branches.

Recent trends towards the pastel colors are increasingly replaced by whites - White on White has been a popular choice for many brides and surprising today. The gannets, white miniature roses, carnations and white paper to name but a few are in demand, with stems wrapped in delicate materials that mix or match the color of the dress, with details Exquisite Grain / pins etc. Each branch flower is a work of art itself. Red Roses are always popular - be it a hand simply beautiful bound or structure of a complex component and caging the results are always fabulous.

There are trends for the reception flowers too - are always popular, long-stemmed lilies as a centerpiece incredibly chic to any table, but whenever we are asked design with more green and less flowers. The variety of colors and types of vegetation, it is available in a fabulous display highlighting the beauty of flowers carefully placed. Also popular this year is full of roses airtight containers with more "natural" materials such as stones anchor or simply tied with long stems left - across the room at all impressive reception table.

The trends are also the evolution of containers for centerpieces, flowers are often combined with pieces of colored glass or water inside container or mixed with a light candles for romantic place of receipt. Increasingly, the flowers and the petals are immersed in the container to provide an alternative to more traditional delivery impressive. Goldfish "bowls circular" styles have been popular choices for this year, especially with Calla Lilies wrapped around the center. Tea candles carefully arranged around a central axis, with metallic confetti scattered on the table are a romantic glow that invites long evenings when the lights turn low and everyone is relaxed.

Buffet tables can be decorated with garlands of flowers or foliage. Many brides today are opting for floral decoration of cakes, as opposed to the traditional cake. For a traditional cake at several levels, your florist can create a cake topper with the coordination of beautiful flowers that adorn the sides the cake - it is part of his incredibly unique puzzle world - petals can be topped with a little scattered around carefully selected cake table. Another trend this year has been to separate the levels of the cake cubes vases of flowers - beautiful for something different!

This small finishing details that make a difference, however, and this is what your guests will notice more than your wedding day. We received many comments on our wedding buttonhole "- that we design to look like a bouquet of miniature flowers from a single flower. Traditionally, the groom had only a slightly larger flower and many ended with the best man or father without knowing it, get the buttonhole the groom "in the day - now there is no doubt that he is married, and that is special and different.

If you have any way that crazy, the idea of a "look" or theme you want your marriage to try to follow this portrait of your florist and let them create for you. Especially choose a florist who works with you to create that all look important for the day. As your wedding is unique to you, so your flowers Marriage should be as unique. Remember, when the day has long been a happy memory, the only constant in his photographs, in addition to your spouse are the flowers - Who will be there for fun, not only the same day, but for many years. Get good advice and choose carefully!

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