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Lampwork Beads, Silver trouble?

Okay, I've been making lampwork beads, (the glass beads you make by heating the glass up by using a torch) and everytime I put silver dots on the bead, when it dries, it dries with a colored ring around the silver, depending on what base color the bead is. Anyone know how to get this ring off? By the way, the silver is fine silver, not sterling. Thanks.

It could be that the hot silver is reacting with trace elements in the glass to form coloured compounds. If so, removing it would be difficult, due to the colour being integral to the glass at that point.

Every Wise Shopper’s Guide to Buying White Gold Murano Pendants

White Gold Murano Pendants are the perfect souvenirs to give to your loved one when you’ve just gotten back from a trip. Murano pendants are sold in major European countries and jewelry pots across the USA as well. While most Murano glass pendants are set in plain silver or bronze, white gold Murano pendants are especially exquisite because they’re least likely to taint as they age, and they’re also significantly more valuable than the silver counterparts.

Where to buy white gold murano pendants

The best places to buy white gold murano pendants are accredited jewelry shops which won’t cheat you off of your money. Independent dealers may try to lure you into buying designs off a catalogue which they’re deliver to your door step, but unless you can trust these dealers with your life, it’s not recommended to buy white gold jewelry from them.

Remember, white gold resembles silver jewelry too much, and unless you’re especially trained to identify one from the other, you can easily be cheater by wily jewelry dealers. Accredited jewelry stores, on the other hand, can guarantee the make of your purchase, and could even weigh the jewelry down to the last gram.

Choosing colors of Murano glass beads

Glass Murano pendants come in all colors, shapes, and sizes, which is also the reason why it is best set in white gold compared to yellow gold. A sapphire blue dotted glass Murano pendant would look more striking against a white precious metal like white gold.

When you’re trying to choose the glass bead’s color for someone back home, try to remember their skin tone, their clothing preferences, their birthdates, and their eye colors. Most women like pendants that make their eyes stand out. If you’re giving the pendant to a blue-eyed woman back home, a Murano pendant in the same shape would make for a very striking gift.

While they’re not actual birthstones, people born from a particular month also tend to get attached to their birthstone’s color. If you’re giving a gift to someone born in the month of May, for example, a green Murano glass pendant set in white gold would make for an excellent gift.

Choosing Pendant sizes

Choosing the pendant size of your Murano glass pendant is also pretty essential when you’re shopping for gifts. If you’re bringing home a gift for a woman, choose the pendant size based on the fashion demands of the time. The jeweler might be able to help you identify the latest designs of the time. If you’re purchasing a Murano glass pendant for a male recipient, just make sure that you choose a masculine design and color.

Value Comparison

The value of white gold murano pendants is slightly lower compared to white gold pendants embedded with precious stones. Glass is cheaper but is just as attractive as these precious gems. However, you might want to make sure that you keep these pendants in cushioned boxes. They also tend to be a bit frailer compared to precious gem pendants.

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