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Crafty Valentine Gift?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost two years. This is our second V-day together. We've been living together for a year and a half. Last year he gave me a glass heart pendant. This year we have reservations at a fancy restaurant, I'm even going to wear a dress! I want to make him something special because so much has gone on since Vday last year. I want him to know how special he is to me.
I'm pretty crafty and resourceful so can anyone give me suggestions on what to make/create for him as a gift for tomorrow?

How about a heart shaped magnet with a cute saying on it to put on the fridge? Have it say something that means something to you two but no one else, or if he speaks another language write I love you in it. Or you could just stick with the simple Valentintes quotes such as xoxo, kiss kiss, p.s. i love you, etc....

Murano Glass Heart Necklace – A Great Gift on Any Occasion

Situated on the eastern coast of Italy, Venice is among the world’s most vibrant tourist destinations. This multicultural city is worldwide famous for a number of things, such as its canals and gondolas, its spectacular architecture and, of course, its glass work. Right in the heart of Venice is the small island of Murano, where artisans have been skillfully crafting the amazing Murano glass for over seven hundred years now.

A perfect combination of traditional lines and contemporary colors and styles, Murano glass is worldwide famous and various objects decorate millions of homes around the world, just as Murano glass jewelry and accessories are worn by millions of women around the globe.

Jewelry has always been a must-have for most women. However, not all women can make friends with diamonds, as we would like. Nevertheless, Murano glass jewelry can make for a very good substitute for precious gems. It is stylish, elegant, beautiful and classy. No other piece of jewelry is as vibrantly colored, and you have a very wide range of styles and colors to choose from. You can have a piece of Murano glass jewelry to go with each of your outfits for different occasions.

The variety of colors, styles and shapes makes each piece of Murano glass jewelry special and unique. In addition to being one of kind, a Murano glass heart necklace, for instance, will be the perfect accessory to any outfit, irrespective of the occasion you are wearing it to.

Furthermore, a Murano glass heart pendant (and any piece of Murano glass jewelry for that matter) can be a great gift to someone you love. There are always occasion to give a unique and meaningful gift to someone special. More often than not, choosing the perfect gift can be a difficult task. Given their beauty and uniqueness, Murano glass jewelry and decorations will always make for a great gift. You can never go wrong with a Murano glass heart for your girlfriend, your mother, your sister, or any other special woman in your life.

When it comes to choosing an exquisite piece of jewelry to wear to a special occasion, a Murano glass heart necklace is one of the best options. It is not nearly as expensive as gold or precious stones, but it is equally elegant and beautiful. And with the many models and colors to choose from, you will certainly be one of a kind. And the good news is you don’t even have to go to Italy to purchase and authentic Murano glass heart pendant or any other piece of jewelry made of this beautiful glass. There are many online shops that sell Murano glass jewelry and objects of décor. Your only concern should be to find the genuine ones, because there are also many cheap replicas out there.

All in all, Murano glass jewelry is the best choice whenever you want to be stylish or give a meaningful gift to someone dear. With so many unique pieces of jewelry to choose from, you will certainly be able to find the best gift.

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