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Does anyone know how to distinguish between coral and glass beads?

18 "red round pearls rose gold chain with spacer Breaks between each pearl brooch not very pleasant and comfortable to wear

Corals are more soldiers to play .. have an edge a little rough, like rocks .... Accounts glass are much sweeter ....

A brief history of glass and Murano glass How To Make tradition started

Glass and glass can be taken for granted today, but people was an article of luxury very few people could afford, sometimes in C. 3000 BC, when it began its manufacturing process in the Middle East.

Manufacturing glass from the Roman Empire grew and spread from Italy to all countries under Roman jurisdiction. During the days of the Republic of Venice glass crafts prospered because of good contacts with Byzantium. In 1291, fearing fire and destruction of buildings mostly wood, city, or perhaps a better protection of its secrets, glass manufacturers have been ordered to move their foundries Venice and the island of Murano. For centuries, Murano glass manufacturers have maintained a monopoly on the manufacture of glass quality, preparation and the development of many technologies including crystalline glass, enameled glass (Smalto) glass with the son of gold (aventurine), multicolored glass (millefiori), glass of milk (lattimo) and imitation gemstones made of glass. But mostly what made Murano glassmakers so special is the simple truth that they were the only people in Europe who knew how a mirror!

Today, the Murano artisans still use their centuries-old techniques, while pulling hand glass lamps contemporary art glass and jewelry, Murano glass stoppers wine.

Technology and tradition in the manufacture of Murano glass

One of the characteristics that distinguish the glass from other materials such as metal, is the way it solidifies. There is based on this specific characteristic of the phase glass beads manufacturers of its unique glass manufacturing techniques. glass work in this period of time requires talent skills, knowledge and sensitivity that only a few expert glassmakers have dominated today.

The manufacture of a product Murano follows a cycle of 24 hours. The mixture of raw materials are loaded with two or three times in the pot empty initially. The first shipment is about 5pm, at a temperature of 1250 ° C and 1300 ° C. The time period from 9 pm-10 pm and then the temperature raised to 1400 ° C for liquid bubbles and permits Glass uniform. At 2 pm, molten glass is ready and will be less than the temperature of 1000 ° C to 1100 ° C. The temperature of the glass 7 h, the viscosity required to work. After blowing and manipulation with the iron of all, Thanks for the malleability guaranteed by the continuous contact with fire.

The glass rod is the starting point for making glass beads. By pulling both ends of the glass bubble of the unique color for exact size is reached. The stems can be up to 100 meters long and is cut into small sections of about one meter each, and then attached in bundles. solid glass rod is used to make balls of great beauty with the flame "technical". In the heat of a flame Melt the glass and creates a thread that is wound around a thin metal bar. In this way, a sort of hot glass ball is produced that works in bronze molds using tongs or give direction to give full (square, star, etc.) Once it has cooled, the balloon is placed in the acid dissolves the copper rod and leave a hole in the heel.

Various and important techniques can be used for accounts fire some of the more interesting and more generally "Venice" are those in gold or silver leaf, which are obtained by forming the first liquid crystal then a very thin sheet of 24K gold or pure silver with the heat, the sheet cracks fracture producing an effect that is always different. The glass can be covered with a second layer of clear glass for the brightest of the grain, while if the second layer is not a less polished.

Millefiori, even thousands of Flowers

Millefiori is a multicolored design, color thin as a straw. Exactly when the very concept of first creating millefiori not known, but archaeological evidence during the time of the Roman Empire and Alexandria.

The colors of millefiori beads are created by a one. First, a ball of hot glass is pushed and pulled by the glass manufacturer in some way a flower or a star or a geometric shape, then the bar is covered in layers of different colors of glass.

Another technique is very important that the implementation of parts of the core rod millefiori. Also called millefiori or accounts of Moses, which are made by the application of thin pieces of glass core rod hot for the whole surface is covered. The heel is heated a second time for welding murrine. The result is that two pieces Murrina not the same.

Murano - glass Used Jewelry

"Beauty is a quality of a person, object, place or idea provides a perceptual experience of pleasure, affirmation, meaning, or goodness. The subjective experience of "beauty" often involves the interpretation of any entity which is balanced and in harmony with nature. This leads to powerful feelings of attraction and emotional well-being. "(Wikipedia)

Just as we can not be totally objective when watching two beautiful women to choose one of them as the most beautiful, honest, or decide purest ray sun or the rainbow most perfect, you never find two pieces of Murano same jewelry.

Reflecting the coolness of the light, the fluidity of water and intensity of fire, Murano jewelry to please both the eye and the heart. Gold or the bits of money attractive ads noble that the eye perceives of them through colored glass.

With a Good design unique for a single woman, a time or two ladies of this world, Jewelry Murano are the perfect gift. The sample is a proud jewel unlike any other room in the world.

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