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I need to find the accessories! Can anyone help?

I'm looking realisitc (preferably, but are plastic) fittings metal parts, gold and silver coins, copper metal for the game and the goals set cos paper. I could not find these silver or copper are false. I seemed to have beaten coins, but the cost is too high for my needs, both online and point of online gaming seems to have no gold and plastic "coins of the game" Metal. Does anyone know where I can find cheap money and in particular for copper? - Also, I like to try to avoid the "modern" designs of the coins U.S. ((Mimmics modern money)) I'm also looking to see imitations Gema preferably plastic or glass on the diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire and colors with holes in the metal and non-flat and / or aluminum Flatbacks. If anyone can help me find places where I can get these articles, I would be very appreciateve.

Wal-Mart, Joanne, and Michaels, Hobby Lobby and jewelry making supplies and decoration of clothing, you can find all kinds of acrylic jewelry are used to decorate clothing, and you can buy real Swarovski crystals, but arent cheap, I like fake Roman coins are gold and have tiny holes in them because they are destined to decorate my belly dance clothes, but you can get tips and pearls also have some Chinese coins, but arent cheap either. if you look online for parts of imitation im decoration you could find some, and I went to a belly dance convention and may even buy spare parts and Arabic were real Indians that could be used in the costumes and jewelry. Arab women in antiquity made their jewelry while currency used his personal wealth and sewn into their clothes because it was easier to carry all the weight distributed on them instead of in a bag. Good luck. you can always get the copper and paintings Silver spray wear all sorts of coins you find. Sculpy can mint their own land, then spray paint baking, if you can get color Sculpy metal, but arent really brilliant.


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