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Sugar gliders make good pets?

pros and cons please!

CAN sugar gliders good pets, but there are many variables. Some advantages: they can be gentle loving animals are animals compact, highly intelligent and, when associated with a person, the link is very playful and clown Finally, and probably the largest, which is freaking cute: Cons-I like people who have very different personalities. Sometimes you have one with a bad attitude no matter how they are raised can be difficult ...- stay with, and obligations of man never at all - can be very painful, especially when you're doing They all ...- a very specialized food plan, and are subject to mineral deficiencies, if not controlled properly, they need a large enclosure and a lot of playing time out of this to keep them mentally healthy, their habitat should be cleaned at least once a week, yet can have an offensive musk. Even when I follow the cage perfect my husband still complains constantly about the smell ... The bottom line is that it is high maintenance exotic animals. You may not be able to find care competent veterinarian in your area - the vet I usually go almost refused See my sails because in the past, gliders treated wild side that destroyed the hand (yes sting and bite hard if envy). Some sources may be difficult to find and order online (bags, vitamins, etc) ... I hope some of this information helps!


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