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Tearing carpet up out of an old sun room and want to replace with carpet tiles. ?

Can the tiles be glued down instead of using the glue dots that are recommended. I don't think they will be strong enough to hold the carpet in place.

If properly done with the floor clean and as dust free as possible, they will hold in place once their all put down and they "lock " them selves together GL

Scrapbooking Adhesives: Stick To The Basics

Scrapbooking adhesives come in more choices than ever. As this hobby grows, the manufacturers are responding to the needs of scrapbookers. Since page layouts have moved from just photos, paper and a few stickers to more complex designs like 3-D elements, metals, fabric and ribbon, scrapbookers now need adhesives that can handle the latest in scrapbooking trends and techniques.

The key to scrapbook adhesives is that they must be photo-safe. You need to be sure any product you are using on your scrapbooking pages, particularly on the back of your photos, will not cause damage to them over time. When it comes to adhesives, scrapbookers have a variety of options.

Photo Corners: These are the pioneer adhesives of scrapbooking, and they still remain a popular choice for many scrapbookers. When scrapbooking first began, photo corners were used because they would allow you to attach photographs to a page and still remove them. Because photo corners are not permanent adhesives, they are ideal for heritage photographs and anything you don't want to permanently mount to a page. They now come in a variety of colors and materials.

Glue: Whether in pens, bottles or tubes, glue is the most versatile adhesive option for scrapbookers. Glue pens allow you to put a tiny dot of glue where ever you need it. They come in permanent and repositionable varieties, as well as specialized glues made for fabric or metal.

Tape Runners: These are a basic supply for most scrapbookers. Tape runners are double-sided adhesives and come in dispensers or on a roll. Like glue, they are available in permanent and repositionable tape. Tape runners are convenient and fast for quick page layouts. As you run the tape along a surface, it leaves behind a continuous line of adhesive. You use only as much as you need for each item.

Glue Dots: A must-have for heavy embellishments, glue dots allow for a strong bond and are perfect for fabric and ribbons. They come in a range of sizes, mounted on either a roll or sheet.

Glue Sticks: Still a favorite among scrapbookers, glue sticks are less messy than most glue. They allow you to cover a wide area quickly. Yet, they still can be used on small items. Before you purchase glue sticks, make sure they are photo-safe. You don't want the ones made for school projects.

Adhesive Spray: The advantages of adhesive spray are even coverage and transparency. They work well with vellum, unlike some adhesives that will show through the paper. You do have to be very careful with overspray. Always put down paper to cover your work surface before using adhesive spray.

Tape: Most scrapbookers prefer double-sided tape for adhering scrapbooking page elements. However, one-sided tape is useful on the back of brads or eyelets to keep paper from catching on the prongs.

Foam Tape: Foam tape comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, such as dots and squares. The adhesive is double-sided, and the foam allows page elements to have a dimensional effect. This adds interest to small items and works very well with letters in titles.

Scrapbookers can never have enough adhesive. Always stock up on your favorites and bring plenty with you when you go to a crop or workshop. It helps to have a variety of adhesives available as you work on a project. Consider your choices and choose the ones that best fit your scrapbooking style.

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