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"This bag goes with my team for tomorrow?

Im using a Brown polka dot lace cami, jeans zip small brown light brown boots (uggs but arent looking) and I have this thing shiny metal clip that im putting gold in my hair (his children) . jsp & event = display and prnbr = 214,748 & 3G = 1 & page = 3807 = cgname rfnbr OSBAFBGSZZZ and this bag of gold (January 1) look good?

Almost certainly, that clip in her hair is not incompatible with the bag because the bag in the photo appears to have a copper tint to it a bit. Otherwise, go ahead!

Kill the Bear

It is always difficult to say unequivocally when a bull market ends and a bear market begins â € "even retrospectively. Much easier to point to certain events that could be described as fundamental in what will be a fundamental right, but a change temporary market dynamics.

It also depends on the depth of the connectivity of an individual segment of the industry will the center of the storm. If you worked in Bear Stearns (NYSE: BSC) last spring, has probably had a leg over the impending disaster about to be unleashed on the rest of us, especially the closer C is the team that runs the high degree of Structured Credit Strategies Enhanced Leveraged Leverage Fund, or HGSLCSELF. Talk about a ridiculous acronym. Sounds dangerous.

As another fund of Bear Stearns containing the same assets, but not as strong leverage, the fund's assets consisted primarily of bonds backed by subprime mortgages, loans made to borrowers whose stories and recipes that are less good risks.

default rates rising and shouting behind value of the mortgage in question, which has led to banks that lent the funds of U.S. $ 6 billion to demand repayment of their loans. Since the fund was only $ 600 million in capital investors, Bear Stearns had no way to pay your creditors.

He tried and failed to find new creditors, and Bear Stearns aptly named, has become the canary in the coal mine has now markets worldwide into chaos. Bear Stearns bear awoke.

Those of you who are subscribers to newsletters whose authors are regularly critical of tax scams on Wall Street ™ € s elite calls were probably a little less surprised by the turmoil that followed those whose information is limited to more traditional sources.

Those are the same conventional sources, which, after the collapse of Bear Stearns funds started the domino effect that ultimately affected almost all major banks around the world has assured the public repeatedly that the effects are minimal, isolated and temporary. They diverge € ™ t, and the result is the current landscape stock is worth less than half of his book because of the lack of liquidity value, and the widespread fear on Wall Street to Main Street, paralyzed the exuberance that prevailed until last summer.

The effect of improving our infrastructure for communications and information transfer will be condensed financial cycles stabilize the effects of informed and organized institutional effort deployed more quickly, which is evident in the recent joint initiatives by banks and investment management institutions to support the different liquidity commitments for additional capital.

Interestingly, the effect of other of our phenomenal world is the cable capacity these fused rings to facilitate the repetition of past mistakes quickly.

I refer to the most recent bubble seemed to call dot-com era.

Indeed, its remarkable how essentially the same transgressions against the basic tenets of risk management has resulted overvalued assets whose intrinsic value has become grossly exaggerated because of the hyperbole. This is true for the bubble and the latter.

If this is going to be infamous as the subprime crisis, had an extra layer of self-deception offered by rating agencies who said that the majority ABCP, SIVs and CDOs worthy of a triple EASO € â € note.

The regulatory consequences of this reality has not yet begun as Asks to be brought against the agencies openly incestuous can be achieved in the public eye, because their victims are their companions, and actors have more resources than you or me when it comes to evade responsibility. However, we should at least have a scapegoat or scapegoats.

The Dot Com bubble burst € ™ s in 2001 was preceded by some of the largest transaction being active, then as now. At that time, Time Warner has paid too much for AOL, and this time, all ego-driven mergers of companies in North America are legion.

Then, as now, the party was followed by a villain, this time exacerbated by the horror of September 11 and it is my sincere hope that no analogue to this event is imminent.

Point I'm trying to do is:
In As human beings irrespective of our great technological achievements, we are emotional creatures herd mentality forced to repeat mistakes. The angry bear wandering among us, inevitably, will be eliminated by a new cycle of excessive exuberance as saturated it is repeated the story again, which we refuse - or simply canâ € ™ â € "learn.

How protect you as an investor must be where the bear is not. And the bear is not gold. Golden Rules Bull and precious metals. This is true for those of us who have no experience and vision of a € € carryover œspeculatorsâ Economic before the herd catches.

At the time of the fall Dot Com, the basis for the bull market in commodities had already set, and the housing bubble swollen and a half. Speculators are dealing with the acquisition of mining companies and mining companies were buying occupied inactive mines and exploration projects.

The Beara € ™ s historically reign lasted until the markets have reacted, then over-reacted, and actions to reach a state where it is generally oversold.

This is not the case, as investors continued to punish banks humiliated by their foray into Jurassic Park Avenue, to borrow a term coined by Don Coxe, chairman and chief strategist of Harris Investment Management, and Chairman Jones Heward Investment.

According to Don in a conference call on February 4, â € œ subprime mess is only worse things € | â €. He continued, â € œGold sells, in response to a strong recovery thatâ ™ €'s happening in the market stock and the assumption that the problems have been resolved. And I donâ € ™ t believe it. Therefore, my opinion is the overthrow of the gold only temporary urbanization €

Thus, while the bear is the king of Wall Street, for the moment, itâ € ™ s Golden Bull Investors must adopt if they want to kill the bear in their own portfolios.

About the Author

James West is the publisher of the Midas Letter, a financial advisory service that identifies opportunities and risks to investors active in the small cap resource sector. Visit the Midas Letter online at


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